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Obama Takes to Twitter for Town Hall Meeting

Today at 2 p.m. EST, President Barack Obama will be hosting a town hall meeting via Twitter. The event will be live streamed from the East Room of the White House and will focus on jobs and the economy. Twitterers that want to ask President Obama a question should tweet their question ending in #AskObama.

A fan of social media and technology, President Obama has held previous town halls at Facebook headquarters and on YouTube. Departing the from usual town hall procedure, the White House staff will not be screening the questions—Twitter will. Twitter co-founder and Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey will choose the questions the POTUS will address during today’s event. Dorsey will be screening questions, searching for queries that are in line with the discussion and are “hot topics.”

Keeping with the spirit of Twitter, the audience will be comprised of 140 people. According to, 30 audience members were chosen because they follow the White House on Twitter. Those selected 30 will be allowed to tweet during the town hall. They will also have time at the conclusion of the event to speak with senior policy officials.

If you’ve got a burning question for the POTUS, you should try to get it in ASAP. According to the Huffington Post, House Republicans are planning to crash the town hall, flooding it with questions. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is leading the charge with a live stream of questions designed to turn the town hall into a digital debate. However, the President may not get the opportunity to field many questions. While questions must stick to the 140 character limit, President Obama does have to. Obama will be answering questions verbally, and as he is not known for brevity, all those GOP questions will mostly likely go unanswered like so much digital flotsam.