How to Use Miracast Wireless Display on Your Android Mini PC

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A number of mobile devices support Miracast, a new wireless display standard that allows you to stream content directly to your TV. Unlike Google's Chromecast, which grabs content from the cloud and streams it when you hit a button on your phone or tablet, Miracast displays a complete mirror of your device's display whether you're swiping through your home screens, surfing the Web, playing a game or watching a movie. Though there are still few set-top boxes and even fewer TVs that can receive a Miracast signal, several Android Mini PCs offer this important capability.

In just a few simple steps you can turn your Android Mini PC into a Miracast wireless display dongle for your TV and connect it to an Android phone or tablet. 

Determine If Your Devices Support Miracast

Android Mini PC:  To find out if you can use Miracast on your mini PC, look for a program called "WifiDisplay" in your app menu. If it's not present , you may need a custom ROM or you may not be able to do Miracast at this time.  However, most of the quad-core and many of the dual-core Android sticks support Miracast.

Android Phones / Tablets: The Nexus 4 and new Nexus 7 provide Miracast support as does the ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7, the new Moto X phone and the 2013 Motorola Droid series. The Wi-Fi alliance maintains an extensive, but not complete list of Miracast-capable devices. If your phone has a wireless display option under Settings > Display, it does Miracast.


Set Up Miracast on Your Android Stick

1. Launch the WifiDisplay app on your Android stick.

wifi display icon

2. Click Setting. A dialog box appears asking you to rename your device.

wifidisplay setting

3. Rename the device to something memorable such as Android Stick and click Ok.

rename stick

4. Select Wi-Fi from the Settings Menu on your Android phone (or tablet).

wi fi settings

5. Select Wi-Fi Direct from the menu.

wifi direct

6. Select Rename Device and enter an intuitive name for your phone such as "My Nexus 4."

rename phone

7. Select Display from the Settings Menu on your phone.

display menu

8. Select the Wireless Display submenu.

wireless display

9. Toggle Wireless Display to On.

wireless display on

10. Tap Search for Displays. The phone should then show the name of your Android stick. If it does not appear right away, you may have to tap Search more than once.

wireless displaysearch for

11. Click the WiFiDisplay apps's search button on your Android stick. The name of your phone (ex: Nexus 4) should appear under a list of Peer devices.

android stick search for miracast

12. Tap on the name of the Android stick and wait patiently while it connects.If it doesn't connect, toggle your Wi-Fi on and off and try again. It may take a couple of tries. 

android wireless display co

After successfully connecting, your phone will be paired with the stick and you should be able to connect the two just by tapping on the Android stick name from the phone's wireless display menu. To disconnect, pull down the notification drawer on your phone and tap disconnect.

miracast disconnect

Unfortunately, when we connected a Nexus 4 phone with a CX-919 quad-core Android mini PC using Miracast, videos and games were a bit jerky. However, sound was smooth and still images such as Web pages or photos from our gallery were sharp and flawless while navigating around the UI was smooth. Your results may vary. 


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    Both will also have USB Type-C ports, which will make them compatible with upcoming peripherals and make them easier to charge. The two laptops will also have rear cameras to take photos and videos

  • Nailakhalidkhan Says:

    I like to connect PC with TV wireless

  • Dave T Says:

    This app has killed my tablets ability to search for available WiFi connections. This has rendered my tablet to a useless piece of junk. It needs to be withdrawn immediately.

  • Eamon Says:

    I have a connection between both my phone and my Minix box. Where on the tv screen can I see my phone screen. Do I have to use some app or where will I see it.

  • richard g Says:

    I am using wifi display on my minix x5 mini. I just purchased a Lenova Miix 2 8 With Windows 8.1. The wifi display app says connected, but the Lenova Cant connect. Have you tried your android stick with a windows source divice?

  • sanjay gautam Says:

    Hi Avram, i hava a doubt, can we do mircast from a phone to tablet? I read that we can do miracast from phone, tablet to Smart tv. Please reply if you have any idea.

  • David F Says:

    I tried this but it never worked. Also do you know I see ads on all the pictures that take up about 30% of the picture, making them useless.

    After many attempts the cx-919 never would do miracast. Then I would get weird errors so I returned it. The chromecast might not be as flexible but it always WORKED. Given the cx919 has only single band wifi (2.4 gig) I am not sure how it would work with miracast since dual wifi either is required or makes it much better I am going to try the netgear device next.

  • Lodovico Says:

    i would like to buy an android mini pc to be paired with my xiaomi m2s (it has wifi display option)
    I read above that with nexus 4 paired to cx-919 , the videos and games were a bit jerky
    do you have any suggestion fro my xiaomi m2s?
    thank you!

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