Mini-Review: Fujitsu LifeBook T1010

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As the first convertible with a 13.3-inch display, the new Fujitsu LifeBook T1010 is a sleek tablet that offers a decent-size screen without too much bulk, making it a good choice for students. This system also has Centrino 2 technology under the hood, so it should offer zippy productivity performance. Read on for our first impressions, and stay tuned for a full review.

Sleek Design
Thanks to its optical drive, the 5.2-pound T1010 is heavier than other tablets we’ve tested, including Fujitu’s own LifeBook T2010. That said, we like its matte silver design and the glossy lid, which has a geometric pattern that reminds us buildings in a skyline. The white, full-size keyboard is comfortable to type on, and felt sturdy even as we pounded away at documents. The touch pad, in addition to being on the small side, gets kind of hot, even after idle use.

Tablet Performance
The screen doesn’t automatically adjust the orientation as you hold the screen vertically or horizontally; instead, there’s a dedicated switch button in the lower right corner of the screen’s bezel.

We are disappointed that the resistive (passive) touchscreen display doesn't recognize the touch of a finger. Though we could select icons with a finger nail, simply pressing a finger on icons was unsuccessful.

However, the tablet’s handwriting recognition software is excellent. Even when we misspelled onamatapoeia (on purpose, of course) the T1010 offered us the correct spelling instead. And when we wrote in script, the notebook recognized our words as well. The problem is that you have to make an effort to press down with the stylus as you write; if you just drag the pen across, you’ll end up with patchy script that the tablet can’t recognize.

Now, if only it had multi-touch like the Dell Latitude XT!

Display a Bit Murky
As for the 13.3-inch full-frame screen, whose native resolution is 1280 x 800, the matte finish is cloudy, and surprisingly reflective. We enjoyed decent enough viewing angles from the front and sides when we watched Finding Nemo, but we would have liked the display to be brighter, more vibrant, and sharper.

Overall Performance
Our review unit has a Centrino 2 chipset, Windows Vista Home Premium, and only 1GB of RAM. It took a sluggish 1:18 to boot up (the typical Vista machine takes about a minute). That said, we were able to watch a movie while running Norton Internet Security in the background, which bodes well for everyday multitasking.

We don’t have wireless scores yet, but we were able to surf the Web uninterrupted from a good 100 feet away from the router. And if the T1010 is anything like the T2010 or LifeBook U810 it should have long battery life.

Early Verdict
After playing around with-- and drooling over-- the Dell Latitude XT's multi-touch just this afternoon-- the Fujitsu LifeBook T1010's tablet performance seems lackluster. Comparisons aside, though, it does well what it promises to do, and comes in a sleek package, to boot. If your needs aren't fancy, and assuming the T1010 delivers strong battery life like other Fujitsu tablets, this could be a strong contender for tablet fans on a budget.


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  • Aleksandar Says:

    Has anybody managed to fix the same issue (nail vs tips) on windows 7? I have recently got T1010 installed win 7 on it but it does not react on finger tips even after suggested change regarding the power management. I even tried to install the vista driver ... no luck.

    If anybody have a solution to this please post it here, otherwise this machine looks perfect.
    Thank you, Aleksandar.

  • Jones Says:

    I have to agree with what Brian has stated here. We also had bought a Fujitsu Lifebook T1010 tablet nd at first felt really cheated with all the negative reviews about the screen that we read. But when it got to us, we gave the tablet a whirl, and OMG I just could not believe how zippy fast and functionaly this little tablet pc is. And the connections are great too; definately one of a kind. Now on to what everyone is talking about, the display. Our new Lifebook T1010 tablet's display is just as Brian has said here. It is very uniquely sharp and clear and extremely responsive, even to our fingers. With this, I think that my wife and I made a very smart purchase in getting this fine laptop. Sure it doesn't have all the security bells and whistles of other tablets such as Fujitsu Lifebook T5010, but quite a few people don't need all of that, as most people just use their laptops for home use and some office use. I think that if you are constantly travelling, then the more expensive T5010 would suit your needs better. But people have to remember that Fujitsu created the T1010 with one thing in mind; to help give people a very nice tablet pc with a budget price, and not to nickel and dime them to death like HP and others do. And, well, for the money, and for a budget pc as well as just a smart buy all the way around, the Lifebook T1010 is definately the route to take/ go. We highly recommend it. But if you wish, go ahead and buy the T5010, because both of these tablets are excellent; top-notch tablets. Thank you, Jonesy

  • Joe Says:

    Tip on the poor writing performance:
    I too was initially very disappointing in the touch/pen responsiveness of the T1010 until I discovered that there is a power management option. Right click on computer in the start menu and click on Manage then Device Manager. Expand Human Interface Devices. Double click on FCL USB Pen Tablet(SUS). Click on the power management tab, and uncheck "allow computer to turn this device off to save power." You will be amazed about how big of a difference this makes. Battery life impact is negligible.

  • Ang Says:

    We purchased The T1010 laptop and it only responds to finger nails, not finger tips. We rolled the OS back to Windows XP. Perhaps the driver for XP does not support the finger touch feature.

  • Brian Says:

    In response to your review of the Fujitsu Lifebook T1010 laptop/ tablet pc, I have to say that it is a very nice and informative review. I bought one of these little beauty gem of computers, and I disagree with you on a couple of things. First, when I use my finger on my screen it works just fine. I can open up icons when I touch them, and I can drag the mouse wherever I want to with using my finger. Next, mine came with 2 gb RAM, which anyone that is famliar with Vista knows, it really take 2 GB RAM minimum to be able to run Vista smoothly. More RAM is always recommended. PeopleI think just don't seem to get it by this part; they want to skip the extra RAM and just automatically think that all the people that have stated this about Vista and RAM are just saying it to be saying it. That is so not true. With the correct RAM, the laptop boots up and runs exceptionally fast and smooth. And also as far as your display review goes, I think that maybe you gotten a dud laptop to test, or maybe Fujitsu improved their screens by the time I bought mine, because my display screen is very sharp, crisp and clear, and very smooth looking. I always thought that one had to get the x-brite or true-life type screen in order to get one this smooth, bt the matte finished screen on my Fujitsu Lifebook T1010 is smooth with not one dead pixel.

    Other than these disagreements, I really liked your review of the Fujitsu Lifebook T1010 though. Thanks for listening.

  • D Midi Says:

    How about some real information? Ports, ports, ports.

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