How Often Do You Use Your iPhone Apps?

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ipodtouch_image4_20080909Less than a week ago, I picked up my Gen 1 iPod Touch, powered it on, and sighed in a manner that was composed of both disgust and failure. As dozens  of app icons appeared on my screen, I thought about how much money I have spent on programs that I initially used with frenzied passion, but quickly forgot about. Apparently, I'm not alone.

GigaOM reports that Admob, a mobile advertising start up, has calculated the money spent on iPhone apps, and it comes out to $200 million a month or a staggering $2.4 billion per year. To put that in perspective, Admob estimates that the Android Marketplace rakes in $5 million per month, or $60 million per year. That's certainly nothing to sneeze at, but far less than what Apple collects in a month's time. An interesting factoid: iPod touch owners are twice as likely to download an app than an Android or iPhone users. It looks like I've become what my high school counselor warned me not to become: a statistic.

There are plenty of other numbers to see if you follow through to GigaOM, but the question must be asked: do you use the majority of your apps on a regular basis, or do they go to waste much like mine?

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  • GN Says:

    Is there an app that lets you see how often you actually use each app??? That would be great. I have a bunch of apps I don't think I ever use. If I could actually be reminded of that, I'd have a lot easier time housekeeping.

  • J Says:

    Iphone and the like a re just for people who have more money than brains so i am not surprised people don't tend to use their apps! Oh I guess that includes the writer of this article but then I am sure he is one that makes a lot of money rather than having few brain cells (one of the few)!!!

    Oh please I just gotta have an iphone so I can look cool and people can admire how far I have come in society.

  • Patrick L Says:

    I tend to be very selective with the applications I download and only purchase the ones I know I will be using relatively often. And if I do go "app happy" and end up with 3 pages worth of apps ( I currently have a page and a half) or more, I will probably delete most of them within a week as I don't use them or judge they are a waste of memory. Call me a neat freak if you will, but I enjoy the organized look and knowing the currently installed applications are going to use :)

  • Thurloat Says:

    Of all the paid for apps on my iPhone, Twitteriffic is the only one that i use consistently. The rest are once-in-a-blue-moon-y, I'm still waiting for the camera app that provides a decent flickr integration, that would see a lot of use also

  • iloveloveiphone Says:

    Was this website really once about laptops before it became Who could possibly want any of that Microsoft-only-centric laptop love back?

    I hope you'll never even mention Nokia's new N900 which is actually a phone/palm-sized full-featured computer with some potential (non?-)relevance to actual laptop users, let alone Nokia's new aluminum Booklet 3G netbook running MS-Windows Seven.

    Just more MS-Windows vs iPhone reviews PLEASE! This site is soo GREAT!

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