iOS 8 Leak: New Healthbook, Preview and TextEdit Apps

A new screen shot reported to be from a build of Apple's upcoming iOS 8 has hit the Web, complete with an icon for the company's rumored Healthbook app. If the screen shot is real, it would all but confirm that Apple will be integrating some form of fitness app into the iPhone 6.

The inclusion of Healthbook could also mean that Apple's rumored iWatch is on the way and that it will, in fact, have a major focus on fitness. Based on the screen shot, which was reported by 9t05Mac, the app will be able to read your blood pressure, calories burned and heart rate.

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What remains to be seen is how the app will get those measurements. If the iWatch features a heart rate sensor, like Samsung's Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, it would be able to stream that information to the iPhone 6. Less likely is the idea that Apple could add a heart rate sensor to the iPhone 6, as Samsung did with the Galaxy S5.

In addition to the Healthbook app icon, the claimed iOS 8 screen shot also includes icons for the Text Edit and Preview apps. If included, the apps would likely sync with their desktop counterparts via iCloud. Beyond the three aforementioned apps, the screen cap also shows a Tips icon. Exactly what that app would be used for is less clear, though it could simply serve as a "how-to" feature. 

Rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 point to a smartphone that is worlds ahead of Apple's previous handsets. According to various leaks, the next flagship will feature a larger, high-resolution display, quad-core processor, 10-megapixel camera. It could cost as much as $299. When exactly the handset will debut is still a topic of heated debate, though many rumors indicate it will hit the market in the fall.

via: 9to5Mac

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