Intel Launching New GPU to Fight Nvidia

It looks like Intel is preparing to do battle with Nvidia in the graphics market. 

The tech giant on Wednesday (Aug. 15) released a shadowy video showing discussing its achievements in graphics. Intel said that it was the first to deliver 4K streaming in the PC graphics market and the first to build a "fully compliant" DX12 graphics chip. It even touted its achievement of bringing eSports gaming "to a PC about as thin as a phone."

"And in 2020," the caption in the video reads, "we will set our graphics free."

We will set our graphics free. #SIGGRAPH2018 — Intel Graphics (@IntelGraphics) August 15, 2018

The video was the first tweeted for the new Intel Graphics Twitter account. Intel Graphics is the new division inside the company tasked with taking on Nvidia and AMD in the graphics market and try to establish Intel as a bigger player there.

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Of course, Intel has played a role in the graphics market for years with its integrated graphics components. But the company seems to be moving forward with discrete chips that would ostensibly provide more power and potentially give Intel more of a presence inside computers. The company's processors are already prominent players in the vast majority of today's computers, but those machines often use discrete graphics from competitors. By building its own line of discrete graphics, Intel could power two major components inside computers — and grow its revenue in the process.

Still, judging by the video, the work is far from done. And although Intel has hopes of being a bigger player in graphics, the company doesn't appear to have plans for anything major until 202o.