Intel Announces Intel Pro WiDi for Business Presentations

It's a common business problem. You're in a meeting and you want to show something from your laptop to everyone in the conference room. Your projector requires a VGA connection, but you only have HDMI on your laptop and there's no cable handy. Intel hopes to solve this problem with Intel Pro WiDi, the business version of its WiDi wireless display technology.

At IDF, Intel Exec Kirk Skaugen talked about Pro WiDi, saying that it provides the level of manageability that businesses expect. In a private briefing yesterday, Skaugen told us that the performance of business WiDi won't be any better than consumer, but that it will allow IT managers to exert fine control over who can project to what devices. So, if you only want the CEO and COO to be able to use the projector or giant monitor on the wall, you can make that happen. Skaugen said that the company is working with projector vendors to build Pro WiDi into new products and adapters for them. 

Also announced at this year's IDF is Intel's new Bay Trail CPU. It is the first Atom processor made with a 22nm architecture, which promises to allow for better performance, longer battery life and lower thermals.

Avram Piltch
Online Editorial Director
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