Infinitec Infinite USB Drive / Wireless Streamer Reviewed, Found Lacking

Why copy files to a flash drive then carry them across the room to another device just to play your media? What if you could wireless stream an HD Video from your laptop to any USB port on any device with just a USB stick? It's a concept that Infinitec attempts to bring to reality with the Infinitec Infinite USB Memory Drive.

Unfortunately, Engadget reviewed the Infinitec Infinite USB drive and wasn't impressed. The quality of the hardware received a low rating with a hollow and cheap feel despite its Ferrari-esque design. The setup for pairing the device wasn't an easy and responsive process for Engadget. So much so that they've written their own instructions for setup.

Performance was no better in their review. Though the Infinite USB Memory Drive clocked sequential speeds of up to 43MB per second, those rates were unreliably achieved only when the hosting laptop was sitting right next to the memory drive it was synced with. With 3ft of space between the devices, transfer speeds cut in half. It capped at 2MB per second at only 6ft away.

While a great concept in theory, the reality of it just hasn't been properly grasped. For a hefty $129 price tag, we'll pass until the kinks are worked out.  However, we hope Infinitec will continue working on the concept.

via Engadget