How to Use Bing Rewards to Earn Free Stuff

Have you ever wished that surfing the Web all day would net you some free stuff? If you take advantage of Microsoft's Bing Rewards program, it actually can. Bing's Rewards program has been around for several years, allowing users to earn points towards gift cards, Xbox Live subscriptions, and even Surface RTs for schools by simply using the search engine frequently. So if the Bing Challenge commercials haven't won you over, perhaps free stuff will. Here's how to make the most out of Bing Rewards service.

1. Visit

2. Create a Bing Rewards account by clicking Sign In at the top right of the Bing homepage and select Join Rewards Now from the drop-down menu. You can sign up for the service by linking a Facebook or Microsoft account.

3. Earn credits by browsing the Web with Bing, referring friends and completing offers. You get one credit per every two Bing searches you perform, with a daily limit of 15 credits. You can get additional credits by getting friends to sign up for Bing Rewards and entering drawings such as the daily Bing Homepage Photo Contest.

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4. View and manage your credits. Your credit balance can always be seen at the top right of the screen when browsing on Bing. 

5. Click Redeem from the dashboard to claim prizes. There are a bevy of options available, ranging from Starbucks and Fandango gift cards to Hulu Plus subscriptions and Xbox 360 sweepstakes entries. 

Even if Google is your go-to for searching the Web, Bing is worth trying out for the Rewards program alone. Now that you know how to stack up credits from a few minutes of online searching, get out there and nab some free goodies.

Michael Andronico
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