Hands-on with Superslim Dell Adamo, What the Voodoo Envy Should Have Been

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adamo_g01Today Dell gave the world a sneak peek of one of the sweetest looking ultraportables we've ever seen. We won't bother calling it a MacBook Air killer, but the Adamo (pronounced Ah-dom-o) is certainly a sexier and sturdier notebook than the flawed Voodoo Envy. Dell was kind enough to let us take some photos and shoot a quick video. Our first impressions? The Adamo is drop-dead gorgeous and yet it feels quite durable. It's made of aircraft grade aluminum and weighs about 3.9 pounds. We didn't get the exact dimensions but it certainly looks under an inch thin. adamo_g08Dell will offer two versions of this fashionable ultraportable, one black and one white and silver. We really dig the latter, and not because it more closely resembles the MacBook Air. It's because it better shows off the chemically etched design pattern you can see on back of the system. Other cool touches include a smooth trackpad with a spun metal look and a backlit keyboard. with a futuristic font (shades of the Voodoo Envy). Even the fan holes in the back, punched out squares, look modern. Interestingly, this is one of the first Dell notebooks that won't have a battery you can easily swap or replace. The lithium polymer battery is beneath the flat back panel. Dell is targeting around five hours of battery life. The Adamo will feature mobile broadband connectivity, unlike the MacBook Air and Voodoo Envy. All of the ports on the Adamo are crammed in the back to keep the notebook thin, including two USB, eSATA, and DisplayPort. Dell will adamo_g02sell adapters for other types of video-out connections. That's it, though we wouldn't expect an optical drive with this kind of form factor. Dell couldn't tell us anything about the specs of the Adamo, so we can't share any info about processor, memory, storage, graphics, etc. We'll have to wait until later this year when the Adamo is released. Overall, we think the Adamo is a strong design statement for Dell. It looks and feels like a Halo product. Check out the gallery and video and let us know what you think in the coments. [flq:909851de72c99b871ed16b8955b366ab]
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Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief
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  • 上海翻译公司 Says:

    That said, this is still one sexy beast of a machine, the different textures on the panels are a nice aesthetic element,

  • macewan Says:

    I happen to own an Apple Macbook Air. My wife complemented the size and weight enough that I bought her one too. In reading the article I was reminded of just how quiet our computers are to laptops with Windows flavored operating systems. Apple's lack that whirling fan noise so common with Microsoft boxen.

  • Adam Says:

    wow, talk about senseless unjustified bias. Flawed Vodoo Envy? if you are going to say that, state some damn facts. For those of us still paying attention to the Adamo we now know that the starting price is $1999. For what specs you ask? 1.2 GHz centrino core 2 duo, 2 Gb of ram and a 128Gb ssd, and an optional external dvd rw external drive for another $120. and god forbid you want more power, $2699 for 1.4 GHz centrino core 2 duo, 4 Gb of ram and a 128Gb ssd, and, once again, an optional external dvd rw external drive for another $120. also, 4 pounds for a "slim and light"? Dell should be embarrassed to sell this laptop at these prices. I understand that ssd's are expensive, especially 128gb ones, but that being the case give me the option of a 80gb hdd and knock $500 off the price and let me buy and external drive for $15 on ebay, and while they're at it, i expect that if i buy a slim and light the optical drive is included the package. furthermore, 720p on a 13.3" screen is overkill in my opinion, especially given the processing power and graphics of the laptop.

    That said, this is still one sexy beast of a machine, the different textures on the panels are a nice aesthetic element, and that has to be one of the nicest looking keyboards i've ever seen. however my personal tastes more tend toward the sleek, clean black carbon fiber finish and sharp lines of the voodoo envy. oh and the gaps in the frame worry me... alot. (see link) also from what i have read, noise is an issue.


    p.s. sorry for the rant but badmouthing anything without some form of evidence just irks me

  • Harry Says:

    I really do not understand the focus on thickness and aluminium. It is a product, one that needs to do its functions well against minimum weight, not size.

    - Weight should be more important than thickness, with regards to portability. Even the old Vaio's were lighter than this thing and the MacBook air.

    - What if the battery breaks? You have to send in your laptop? That is insane. What if you have those '8 hours' executive flights and no preplacable battery? Good luck after 2 hours.

    - 1 USB (Mac Air) or even 2 USB is not enough. Of cours eyou can schlepp additional gadgets as well as a DVD drive, but that defeats the purpose if you can get many lighter laptops that have these included.

    - Not sure about the Dell, but it seems that (like the macBook air) there is no ethernet? What is up with that? I could not have written this if it was not for my ethernet port as all WiFi here is either secure or not working.

    I am writing this from a Lenovo X300 and love it. It is lighter than the MacBook air or the new Dell, 13.3 inch screen with 1440x900px, a replacable battery, a DVD burner, SSD disk. 3 USB ports (and I was using them all last night) and an ethernet connection which I am using now. I can take an additional battery with me (and even a 3rd one to fit in the DVD burner's dock), so I can work on long trips.

    Functional. That is what any tool should be!

  • redhed Says:

    You mention that it is better than the Envy, but never explain why.

  • Mark L Says:

    From what is shown here it is very attractive. I would tolerate a slight increase in thickness to have a replaceable battery - a gripe I have with the MacBook (and my iPhone). The other critical piece is the screen, which had better be high res. and good quality. OK - I might overlook the battery issue if it can be replaced without soldering.

  • Garth Says:

    It looks wonderful. I will be a buyer as soon as it is available. Good to see it has 2 USB's, monitor plug is OK. I hope that it has SSD data storage. Don't need a 'disc' drive - who uses them now anyway. Flash drives and desktops are all the backup anyone needs these days. My Inspiron is 5 yrs old and has never let me down. Del's reliability is great. If the battery in the Ah-dom-o has 5hours of use you would never need to carry a spare, just the mini power plug. I can't wait - release daet the sooner the better ... PLEASE !!!

  • kim Says:

    So, Mark writes this article and even states Adamo (pronounced Ah-dom-o) yet in his vlog he insists on pronouncing it Ad-a-mo. I know these comments should be about the product, Ah-dom-o, so here's my comment: this is one slick looking computer! Sexy is right! Sleek...beautiful. Good job!

  • ethana2 Says:

    If I can get one of these with Ubuntu, I'll consider it.. Heck, it may even be that even counting the time it takes to get a Windows license refunded it's cheaper than the MBA in which case I might be forced to consider it regardless...
    I'm certainly pleased to see Dell hardware design sucking less.

  • eileen muchnick Says:

    when can purchae this laptop

  • Michael Says:

    Great laptop - just what I am after. Shame it won't come out for a while.
    By the way, Mark Spoonauer needs to blow his nose before doing a vlog. His sniffles made me nauseous. Gross!!

  • Stephen Says:

    i think this is an exelent computer. i know, it still has no cd drive, but like the air,its to thin for one. it may not beat the air in terms of thinness, but in terms of looks, it wins hands down. it also beats the voodoo envy in terms of battery life, (apparently) and at least matches the air. it probibly will have a great high end processor, and with windows 7, should be awesome.

  • Jay Says:

    Wow is right! That silver and white one is just about as close as you can come to copying an Apple MacBook without simply buying a MacBook and putting a Dell sticker on it. And a backlit keyboard! No one has ever thought of doing that in portable before. Great originality! Boy oh boy! And with Vista (part 2) pre-loaded this thing will really be great!

  • Jack B Says:

    WOW! I need to go out and by some Dell stock. Put Windows 7 on this bad boy with a resonable pricepoint and it's going to sell like hotcakes. Dell has done a great job letting the hype build on this new product line. Beautifully designed!!! I Love it.

    I thought that I was going to hate that the monitor doesn't extend all the way to the back of the laptop base but I imagine holding it on my lap and think I like this design better. If I have a laptop on my lap and have to move it I try to pick up the laptop from the back and I'm always closing down on the monitor because of the clam shell, but with this small 'ledge' they have back there I can keep the screen open while comfortably holding onto the laptop.

    Boy oh boy! Can't wait to see the technical details and price on this one!

    Great work Dell! I love the new changes, the customizations, the clear focus on design! Keep it up.

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