Hands On With Ovi Suite

Nokia today announced its new Ovi Suite software for syncing Nokia cell phones seamlessly with your desktop computer, and we have a hands-on video for you to check out. The Ovi Suite replaces Nokia's current destkop manager, and lets you sync your contacts, photos, and videos wirelessly to your Ovi Web site, or via a USB connection. We like that you can add a new contact on your phone, then add in details like your friend's address later, from a computer, and that you can easily organize photos into albums with Ovi Suite. One feature we'd like to see is the ability to drag media from Ovi Suite onto a contacts name, and then have the software prompt us if we'd like to send the media down to our friend's cell phone via MMS or E-mail. The service is free and you can check it out yourself today by visiting www.ovi.com. Check out the video after the jump. [flq:89ce4476b000441b9b6c9d992bf88016]