Hands-On With Apex HD+: Ski Goggles With Built-In 1080p Camera

Increasingly, skiers are recording their on-piste exploits using helmet cams such as the GoPro or Contour. However, those, and other helmet cams, require users to mount an extra piece of equipment on their helmets, resulting in a less-than-aerodynamic setup. Liquid Image looks to eliminate that with the Apex HD+, which combines a 1080p video camera and ski goggles into one.

The Apex HD+ goggles have a full HD camera built into the bridge, and can be tilted up and down. Better, the camera can be controlled via Wi-Fi using an Android or iOS app, which not only lets you stop and start recording, but gives the user a live view of what the camera is recording. 

The Apex HD+ goggles can record 1080p video at 30fps, 720p video at 60fps or take 12-MP still shots. Batteries concealed in the elastic band provide up to two hours of recording time. The goggles, which cost $399, come in black or white, and can be configured with three different types of lenses. 

While wearing the Apex HD+ goggles at CES 2013, they certainly felt comfortable, and gave us a fairly wide view. We also like that the foam lining the goggles can be replaced, as that tends to wear out over time. When using the iOS app, there was a second or two delay between the time we turned our head and when the image changed on the iPhone's screen, but that could have been due to the plethora of Wi-Fi signals in the room. We're looking forward to schussing down the slopes with these.

LAPTOP Reviews Editor