Google Shows Off Video Of Self-Driving Car At TED

While there have been sightings of Google's self-driving cars in the past, Google has never shown them off to the public until now. At the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA last week Sebastian Thurn, Google's head software engineer on the project, showed a video of a Toyota Prius driving itself through a variety of situations on a closed course.

Following a preprogrammed course, the car can be seen making its way through a series of cones. Google set the car to drive more aggressively than normal in order to show it off. In a real life situation, users would set their destination and the car would calculate the route and drive itself there. Surprisingly, Google said that the car already has routes from San Francisco to Los Angeles fully automated.

Check out the amazing videos below to see Google's self-driving car in action. 

Via SlashGear