Google Body Browser Searches Your Insides, Finds Your Inner Child.

Talk about an invasive body scan. Nope, not the TSA airport screens. Google Labs' latest creation, Google Body Browser, offers a detailed look at the make-up of the female body in 3D. Admittedly, the search is a bit limited.

It requires WebGL, a 3D graphics API that runs in the browser, so you basically need Google Chrome to make it work. Then go to to be presented with a female form in what looks like a jogging outfit. You can toggle anatomical layers on and off. And by scrolling down the menu on the left-hand side of the page you can remove layers like muscles, bones, veins, etc. Then you can zoom in and rotate to get a better look at the organ of interest.

We found no way to switch to a male form, and there's no detailed information beyond the label, as to what you're looking at and how it interacts with other pieces of the body. However, we can see how this could be useful for teaching kids female anatomy at home or in the classroom. Maybe now they can finally throw out those awful films they made us watch in school.

Anna Attkisson
Managing Editor
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