Top 5 Facebook Annoyances and How to Fix Them

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Facebook changes features like Kim Kardashian changes husbands. Just when users get comfortable with the latest iteration of "New Facebook," Zuckerberg and company go and change something else, drawing the ire of its millions of users. Here are six Facebook annoyances that are currently grinding our gears and ways to deal with each.

Problem #1: Trending Box is in Your Face

Facebook may have been late to the #Hashtag world, but when it got into the fray it did so all the way. And thus was born the Trending box, which some of you may or may not have yet. This is a list of most-talked-about topics on Facebook. You may or may not want to click on them, but there's definitely no easy way to get rid of it -- which is the ultimate in annoying. 

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Solution: Users looking to ditch the Trending box, you'll need to download the F.B. Purity extension for Firefox or add-on for Chrome. There are also options for Safari and Opera. In addition to removing the Trending box, this little program can stop Facebook from autoplaying videos, alert you when a friend deletes you, filter posts by keywords, remove any links to articles or videos so your News Feed is all personal updates, among other things. 


Problem #2: Facebook Timeline Shares Your Worst Moments With the World

There used to be a time where you could just delete that embarrassing photo from Facebook, and if you were prone to drunk posting, you could rest easy in the knowledge that soon it would disappear from your timeline never to be seen again. With the new iteration of Timeline, every bad picture and misspelled status update will be on display forever.

Solution: While you might not be able to erase all those regrettable photos and statuses of yore, you can control who gets to see them. Simply pull down the menu next to the Home button on your Facebook page and click Settings > Privacy. From there, next to "Limit the audience for posts you've shared with friends of friends or public" click Limit Past Posts. Click Limit Old Posts and this will revert all old posts to be seen only by Friends.


Problem #3: Your Facebook Subscribers Keep Spamming You

People looking to make part of their private Facebook pages public can open themselves up to subscribers, people who can sign up to read your updates without being approved "friends." Users can then follow those pages and hopefully have an invigorating exchange of ideas. However, many people are complaining of inordinate amounts of spam and inappropriate content filling their news feed.

Solution: Freedom from that unwanted spam is only a few clicks away. To turn off Facebook Subscribe, click on the Home button > Settings > Followers. Then uncheck the box next to Turn On Follow.


Problem #4: Facebook Apps Share Too Much Info About You

By default, apps like Spotify, Ticketmaster and Foursquare share every tiny detail of your life with all of your friends. Instead of  just learning about a job promotion or a new relationship, all your contacts can now be privy to what tickets you purchased from Ticketmaster or what song you're listening to on Spotify. It’s great for advertisers, but an overshare nightmare for everyone else.

Solution: Don't want everyone to know you just listened to Kenny G. on Spotify? Just go to Privacy Settings, click Home > Settings > Apps. Then click Edit next to Instant Personalization. Uncheck the box that says "Enable instant personalization on partner websites." 

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Problem #5: Annoying App Invites

Facebook has become a haven for casual gamers who sink hours into crushing candies, building a criminal empire or creating a home for their SIM. Unfortunately many of these misguided souls insist on inviting you to join the “fun,” sending you invite after invite to join the next big “Ville,” deluging your Facebook notifications and annoying you to no end.


Solution: Click on the Home button and go to Settings. Click Blocking. From here you can block specific people from sending you app invites and well as block specific apps from sending you notifications and accessing your personal information.

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  • Justin Says:

    Has anyone noticed that facebook on desktop moves its timeline by itself every 5-10 seconds?

  • Robert Says:

    My 2 biggest annoyances with fb are
    Refreshing my feed when FB wants to instead of when I want to which causes posts I wanted to read to take time to find again.
    and showing posts out of order. Seriously, I can't even think of a time when I would want old posts to be back at the top of my feed and out of order because FB decided it was important.

  • Dennis Says:

    I keep losing people I follow like my cousin. She did not drop my. How can I get her photos, comments etc back??

  • Ross Alisha Says:

    Hello.This post was extremely interesting, particularly because I was looking for thoughts on this topic last Thursday.

  • Lola gehle Says:

    my magic jigsaw puzzle clicks off back to front page,then have to re_download?

  • puppykicker Says:

    Yes, Joseph!

    It is absolutely the most aggravating thing in the world!

    The damn feed jumps around constantly, whether I am reading a post, watching a video, writing or reading a comment, or scrolling!

    It happens reguardless if I am using a FaceBook app or a browser to use the service.

    It seems to get worse as my time on the site increases.

    I have to completely log out and back in periodically, or else it becomes completely unmanageable and unbearable.

  • Joseph Says:

    None of those are NEARLY as irritating as the feed jumping up or down the page while I'm trying to type a comment because new content was posted. What were they thinking???

  • Sharon Says:

    Recently I was informed that FB is only allowing me to see post they want me to see. How can I fix this, I'm missing a lot from friends and relatives. Someone told me there is a way, but I don't know what it is. Thank you.

  • Floyd Glenn Says:

    I have several Pages, and a few groups.

    On the Page I use most often, the Post area & all its options sticks in the middle of the screen while I scroll down the page - which means that I am unable to see my posts because the "Write a Post" box is stuck in the middle of the page.

    None of my other Pages are doing this - Only the one I use the most - What have I done to cause this problem? Did I make a selection that I was unaware of somewhere in the settings?

  • Nan mabra Says:

    My posts on the sale sites can’t be seen by others just me...which doesn’t help me sell items can you tell me how to fix this issue please

  • Nicholas Says:

    My facebook tells mi its has got 11 errors thats why itz slow.
    It advicez mi to uninstall it nd i cant as i did in my previous Facebook til today i have never recovered.

  • sylvia Taylor Says:

    Fb keeps turning on and off. Please fix. Annoying!!

  • raymondsellers Says:

    No e mail caint login caint get conf code

  • Charlene Says:

    My gallery keeps shutting down when I'm trying to upload a picture in the comment section

  • Lora Craig Porter Says:

    Facebook keeps stopping not allowing me to see messages or time line.

  • vanessa Says:

    I click on my facebook page it comes up then goes right off. How can o fix it. I was on it a bit ago and now I can't get on . Pls help

  • Julie Elangwey Says:

    Hello Sherri,

    How can I fix them in iOS mobile apps? Thank you in Advance!!!

  • Nombuso Says:

    If I add pictures it turn it grey.

  • Terzee Says:

    Most annoying ever is whenever i switch on internet or turn phone on after being off overnight or so, i get old notifications popping up like crazy when i have already read them or replied message on pc before.. This only happens on my android never before on iphone so how do i stop it? I already turned off notifications in fb settings

  • Steve Smith Says:

    I deleted a facebook post (status) about 5 days ago along with the person who posted it but the status keeps reappearing on my android tablet when I swipe the screen to update the statuses. What can I do about it as it's annoying me now?

  • G.Towler Says:

    On Facebook the Trending link has broken and I can't get it any more.

  • Dr Shantanu Mukerji Says:

    I can't see my friends post on my timeline. Like friends were wishing me on my birthday, the notification said 320 people have posted on your timeline, but I could open them to either "like" them or put a thank u comment. Only the ones with pic are seen.

    Can you help me to rectify this

  • Mpassi Says:

    I woud lik to watch things they keep telling I can't bcz to many windows open,can you help to erase them please?

  • jacques vos Says:

    I deleted my 'in relationship' dated 26 October 2013.I need it back on that same date.thanks in advance

  • Christine Says:

    Am unable to scroll down my time or home page the page that has my name on it tried calling Apple they could nt fix it told me to contact you ( face book ) this page has family photoes and information which I am now unable to see hope you can help Christine

  • Logic Says:

    When will people learn? They subject themselves to all these troubles yet they continue to use facebook. It's a truly pathetic application and should be avoided at all costs. I haven't posted a single thing to FB, nor used it for any purpose, yet I'm still alive and still socially active. It's amazing what you can achieve in the real world when you forget these brain dead apps.

  • Diane Crofoot Says:

    Why did Facebook just disappear
    From my do I get it back?
    So did my scrabble game!

  • nancy d cashio Says:

    My screen is jumping up and down and I can't stop it Help!

  • Jerry Says:

    My top 5, latest pic collage with the green icon above my friends list has disappeared. Its on my computer, but not my mobil.

  • joanna Says:

    hi im not expeciting help it seems no one has an answer but i would like to know on my facebook game for my laptop im lower than my level on my iphone i want to sync them but nothing i do seems to work and its very frustrating im ready to delete the game any suggestions

  • Valin Odal Says:

    can you help me fix my account?
    i can't fix it using my mobile phone cuz' i lost it. I can't even use my yahoo account for fixing it 'cuz i dont remember it's password and it have my old number which is lost..

    can someone help me please !


  • Leslie Says:

    I have an issue I have yet to find a solution to. On my FB profile on the very bottom where is shows "born" Well it suddenly became "highlighted" and I UN highlight it and it doesn't go away. and I do not want it public either. got any idea's?

  • jOAN Says:


  • william ritter Says:

    Please STOP sending your facebook I don't open them I am tired of taking up space plus think it is stupid

  • Johne732 Says:

    Thanks for this article. I'd also like to convey that it can always be hard if you find yourself in school and starting out to initiate a long history of credit. There are many college students who are only trying to live and have long or good credit history can often be a difficult thing to have. gceeakkaegbk

  • pamela bouchey Says:

    i don't want to delete my blogs, i'm not interested in who friends who or friends of my friends i used to be able to delete them, but face book puts them back up as if i can't make my own decisions which irks me no end. when they ask you why you want it deleted, they should give you more options. It should be none of their business why i want it deleted,i just do, i used to be happy with face-book, but now i'm not sure, i don't like them trying to put words in my mouth, i'm not dumb i know what i want to say. Thank you

  • Anasia Says:

    I sent stickers to someone to fast and now it's not letting me send anything to my friends

  • eric Says:

    How do i turn off or delete Movie Gallery on Facebook?

  • Angela B Says:

    #1 - I have IE9 on my pc - how to run FB Purity with that??

    #2 - How to disable the 'write comment' pop-up / 'smart-tag' when scrolling over or near a comment field? Tnx!

  • prodgie Says:

    Face book has seen fit to post Commercials on my Face book page., I have ultimately quit using face book,

  • Chris Robinson Says:

    Most of my posts go to top posts for some reason and I notice there is no top posts option on fbook mobile on iPad or am I wrong? I just know people are not seeing my posts

  • stacey Says:

    the top of my drop down list / screen has disappeared so I cant choose stuff on facebook??? so annoying..

  • Jostein Says:

    I have two problems, the first is that when clicking on "More stories" in the bottom they onlu appear in 1 out of 10 tries. The second is that tha last days the "Notification" pull down screen constantly is sitting as a layer over the main FB screen. I can even scroll the main FB screen up and down, but hardly read the latest messages.
    In borh cases it does not matter if I am using Chrome, Ie or Firefox.

  • Anna Says:

    Hi, all pics and photos has disappeared on my facebook when open in google chrome but not in firefox, what is going on please?

  • mounica Says:

    the problem I have was that I have changed my profile pic nd it was shared by an unknown person......wat to do nw....suggest a remedy for me plzzzzzzzzz

  • Debby Says:

    I am not getting a photo or picture one. I get the posts, but that's it. My photo ID isn't even on any longer. I have emailed Facebook I don't know how many times and the replies I have gotten get back state that while all emails are being read, they might answer a few. I'm not one of them. This has been going on for a week. Can you help me please?

  • carol Says:

    I have started getting ads on the right hand side of my page in Japanese! I only speak English on the website so how can that be right? I, like many other people do not want these ads so how do we stop them please? Any ideas would be welcomed!

  • Annin Liew Says:

    i cant even scroll down to see my new feeds ..... how do i fix that ??

  • Van Ritshie Says:

    A lot of the ID pictures of my friends are now of wrong people. How do I fix this?

  • Janet Legerski Says:

    I have problem when I repost long worded Posts won't let me be able to click on the post button, it is too far down, I can't reach it.

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