Eee PC 901 Unboxing Shots and First Impressions

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It takes a savvy tech journalist to secure a product that hasn't completely made it off the manufacturing lines, or just one willing to venture into the computer markets of Taipei. This morning I set out to buy an Eee PC 901 - the ASUS mini-notebook wonder sporting the latest Intel Atom chip. Off to the Kauanghua Plaza district I went with a few fellow tech journo commrades (Kevin of and Sascha of

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The district's streets should be paved in silicon with the amount of laptops and desktops on sale. Shop after shop has the latest laptops on display along with a ton of software and other computer parts. Struggling with the fact that we didn't speak Chinese, we wrote down "ASUS Eee PC 901" on a piece of paper and went around showing it to as many vendors as we could find.

After close to 10 failed attempts, one nice man took us into a back room and pulled out a lime green Eee PC box. A simple check of the specs printed on the side showed that we had struck gold. 17,300 NTS (around $573 USD) later I was walking down the street with the newest mini-notebook on the market.

So what do I think of my new baby Eee PC 901 running Windows XP? I like it. The white lid is glossy and smooth and its got a bit larger footprint than the Eee PC 900. It seems to get its chunk from the thicker screen and bezel.

Under the lid is the same sized keyboard as the 900. However, there was a bit of a bend to my keyboard and we actually ended up prying the keyboard off to fix it. See the pictures in the gallery. The trackpad is slightly wider than the 900, but it has an odd, grainy feel.

I am a big fan of the new buttons on top of the keyboard. The first (from right to left) turns off the screen, the second allows you to adjust the resolution, the third allows for adjusting the CPU speed, and the fourth seems to be a shortcut key. It currently launches Skype.

Boot up as we know is speedy at 40 seconds. Given that I bought the system in the heart of Taipei the entire XP OS is in Chinese. The interface is similar, of course, so I am familiar enough with Windows to use it.

Check out all the images in the gallery and stay tuned for a more hands-on posts.

Update: Kevin O'Brien from has started running some benchmarks. Here is what he has found out.

The CPU overclocks in High Performance mode to 1.8 GHz. In low performance, it shifts down to 1.2 GHz. The BatteryMon predicts 5 hours and 55 minutes (close to 6 hours). Sascha from has got more on the benchmark results.

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  • yuar Says:

    @ Las Master

    by all means, get the 900. It's worth the money (esp true for the Linux version);)
    i just got a black eee pc 900 and it sure is wonderful!

  • austin Says:

    can i get one online and ship it to Thailand? Thailand distributor will not have the 901 or 1000 untill August! Hopefully, we will be the first to get Acer Aspire One in Store in time for Thailand Commart X'Gen Computer Show. Commart Shows never actually have anything good and their prices are actually more expensive than Pantip IT super mall (20mins drive, or 30mins, from the convention center). Hopefully, I will get Aspire One soon and MSI Wind on the way, pre-ordered online from US website! Then, Dell is next, obviously skip HP mininote, not ATOM, what's more to say...

  • Last Master Says:

    Yea, that article that mentioned you to be a mini-notebook addict is pretty funny.

    Ever since I saw the eee pc in a email from tiger direct last year, ive been wanting a mini notebook...

    Finnally with money at my side, and the ability to buy the 900, i found out about the 901, the mini inspiron, the mini note, and the msi wind....

    i was like ugh... gotta wait now :(

    Oh well, im gettin me a mini notebook, and i dont care if i get addicted and end up buying another and another and another...... and another...

  • Says:

    With Linux preinstalled it takes about 25-30 seconds to boot. And it comes with 20gb drive instead of 12gb.

  • D.C. at Says:

    If you are going to have an obsession with mini-notebooks, this appears to be the year in which to feed that obsession - between the Eee PC 901, the MSI Wind, the Acer Aspire One, and the Dell Mini-Inspiron, just from the Atom-powered designs, it's going to be a tough call for a lot of people.

  • Mike Cane Says:

    Don't listen to Fiend Kendrick, Joanna! You are our Laptop Mag Goddess. Infidel fiends such as Kendrick will be dealt with!

    >>>Why does everyone use everything But a ruler to show scale?

    Who carries a frikkin ruler around? At one time I did have a keyring tape measure, but lost it and haven't found another since.

    People used to slap down a US Dollar bill as a make-do.

  • Jon Says:

    I agree with what James said. The first step is simple, just say : hi, my name is Joanna (everyone : hi Joanna) and I am a mini-notebook addict ;)

  • nokialoverapplehater Says:

    ok seriously where is the UNBOXING VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls pls pls

  • Anonymous Says:

    Ok. Where is touch screen.

    Where is the Pixel Qi dual mode screen with fantastic battery life vs LCD?

  • Lloyd Says:

    OK, I give up. Why does everyone use everything But a ruler to show scale?

  • bob vansteel Says:

    click on the pictures retard....they get bigger!!!

  • James Kendrick Says:

    Joanna, we can help you through this obsessionwith mini-notebooks:

  • Jones Says:

    Dear JOanna
    I like what your doing
    i dislike the fact, that you downsize the pictures so much, that a mouse coulden't even look at them normally


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