Ears On With MSI's GT680 and GT780 Notebooks With Dynaudio Sound

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Earlier this week, MSI introduced its new GT680 and GT780 gaming notebooks, both of which include goodies such as full HD screens, 2nd Generation Core i7 processors, and high-end Nvidia GPUs. But what really makes these systems stand out are the unique touches such as the brushed metal design and custom-configurable backlight keyboard on the 17-inch GT780 or the attractive red-bezeled speakers on the GT680.

More important than even the aesthetics of these notebooks, however, are the all-new Dynaudio speakers, which MSI says are the best in the business. We put the new speakers through their paces and checked out the overall design of both the GT680 and GT780 in a CES booth visit today. Check out our hands-on video and gallery below for a closer look.

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