Can the netTALK Slay the Mighty magicJack?

Could this innocuous device be the magicJack killer? netTALK is looking to muscle in on Dan Borislow's territory with the TK6000, its very own low-cost telephony device that plugs into your notebook via USB.

Like the magicJack, the $99 device allows users to make and receive free calls to anywhere in the USA or Canada, but one-ups its rival by allowing customers to chat it up without a computer. How does this miracle occur? You simply plug your high-speed connection cable, the included AC power adapter, and your existing home phone (corded or cordless) into the TK6000. Once that's done, the phone should ring, signaling that that set-up is complete. Groovy. You also get the usual features you'd expect from a phone service such as caller ID, call waiting, directory assistance, and more.

Even better, there aren't any monthly fees, so if you're looking to dramatically slash your phone bill, the netTALK may make for a compelling alternative to your traditional landline. We're eagerly awaiting putting this bugger through its paces, but until then a poll: Do you think the netTALK can topple the magicJack?