Bluetooth E-Cigarette Lets You Receive Calls and Listen to Music

Fumbling for your phone while smoking an e-cigarette can be such a drag. With the new Supersmoker Bluetooth e-cigarette, you'll be able to receive calls right from your e-cig. For 79 Euros (or $108), the Supersmoker  Bluetooth also acts as a speaker for your music. 

The e-cigarette -- available in black, silver, gold, rose and blue -- connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including phones. Each Supersmoker e-cig sports a speaker, microphone, volume control buttons and a Bluetooth button. Although, we won't vouch for the call quality or music volume until we get our hands on one to test it out. 

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The company claims that when your device is connected, you can stream music from Spotify or YouTube through the e-cigarette's speaker. Incoming calls will cause the cigarette to buzz and vibrate, and you can talk to your friend without having to place the cigarette to your mouth or ear via the built-in speaker and mic. Supersmoker does caution that you should have the microphone close during a call, but does not give a specific range. 

You can get the Supersmoker Bluetooth with flavored cartridges such as Apple, Chocolate, Coffee and Strawberry or traditional flavors such as Menthol and Tobacco for an additional $4.95. The cigarette comes with a USB charger, an AC charger, a filling chamber and a cord so you can conveniently hang your speaker-cigarette around your neck. As to whether an e-cigarette is safe and/or better for you than a regular cigarette, we recommend you speak to your doctor. 

Cherlynn Low
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