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7 Ways to Manage Twitter Like a Pro

Using Twitter to build a personal brand or are your tweets getting unmanageable? Here are some tips that will help you manage your Twitter account like a pro. 

GPS Yourself

End your tweets with your current location by going into Settings and checking the box next to “Add a location to my Tweets” on your desktop or clicking the location icon on your mobile device. 

Schedule Mobile Notifications

Don’t want to get mobile alerts for every tweet when you’re trying to get work done? Go to Settings > Mobile. Under Sleep Settings, click the box next to “Turn off updates during these hours,” specify your quiet time and save changes.

Learn the Twitter Shortcuts

Press “?” on your Twitter home screen to see a list of complete shortcuts.

Log On to Multiple Accounts at Once

Twitter users can be logged on to multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously using mobile apps.

  • Tap the Me button in the bottom right of your screen.
  • Press Switch Accounts, then the + sign in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Type the username and password of the additional account, then press Done.

TweetDeck Tips

TweetDeck, Twitter’s hugely popular social dashboard app, enhances the service with the following features. Filters. Clear the clutter of topics you’re not interested in. Click Settings in the top right of your page, then select Global Filter. Type in the content you want to filter out and click -->Add Filter-->Schedule tweets.

TweetDeck lets you update followers during off hours. Click the blue Compose Tweet icon in the top right of your navigation bar and draft your tweet. Then click the Time Settings icon at the bottom of the pop-up to select when you’d like the tweet to go live, and click Tweet. Preview media. Instead of clicking on a mystery link, TweetDeck’s media feature preview lets you view the photo or video in thumbnail form before leaving the page.

Use Twitilist to Organize Your Followers

Those with a large Twitter following can organize their followers into lists using Twitilist. The app lets you quickly and easily add users to lists you’ve created. Log in to Twitilist, then select the precreated list you want to edit from the drop-down box. To add a user, drag their button into the appropriate list.

Cut Out the Noise

Unfollow those who you followed on a whim using ManageFlitter. The Web app sorts all the users you follow into categories, such as inactive users and users who don’t follow you, so it’s easy to see who you should unfollow.