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Vonage V-Phone Review

Our Verdict

The V-Phone makes VoIP calling easy from any PC.

Vonage's V-Phone might look like a neon orange USB flash drive, but it can turn your notebook (or any Windows PC) into a VoIP phone in seconds. You place calls using the dial pad software, which automatically loads onto your screen when you plug it in. Receive calls by clicking on the telephone icon that appears when you have an incoming call; voicemail is included.

The V-Phone comes with a detachable stereo earpiece microphone that plugs into the USB device. In our tests, sound and voice quality were clearer than cell phone calls and less tinny than standard Skype calls. If you travel a lot and switch computers often, you'll appreciate the V-Phone's 256MB of memory, which allows you to save your call history and contacts along with other files. Even though using Vonage on the go is pricey compared to Skype, the V-Phone's sheer ease of use and better sound quality make it worth considering.

Tech Specs

VoIP Price RangeUnder $50