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Auvi PHIP65 Review

Our Verdict

The AuviPHIP65 is a viable handset, but it works best synced-up with Skype.

The Auvi PHIP65 has an appealing design that's comfortable to use. Skype test calls sounded loud and clear through this handset, and we had no problems setting it up. The amber display doesn't give you the same detail that the Linksys CIT310 or Uniden WIN1200 provide; you can cycle through your contacts only one at a time, but you can input the first letter of your contact's name to jump ahead. Although the base station requires a second wall wart, we like that you can add up to four additional handsets for a full setup in the home or office. The Yahoo-enabled CIT310 is a nicer handset, but Skype is a better VoIP client; pair Skype with the PHIP65 and you have a powerful combination.

Tech Specs

VoIP Price RangeOver $100