Victrola Revolution Go

Take your vinyl on the road

Victrola Revolution Go review
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Laptop Mag Verdict

The Victrola Revolution Go lets vinyl lovers to take their music on the road in a lightweight, portable package that offers up to 12 hours of battery life and a number of ways to enjoy music.


  • +

    Extremely portable

  • +

    Powerful integrated speaker

  • +

    Long battery life


  • -

    Lacks an automatic arm

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Long before .wav files, CDs, .mp3, streaming or even cassette tapes, record players were all the rage dating back decades. Victrola has always stood at the forefront of the revolution of sound. In fact, the first Victrola turntable debuted in 1906. But it’s 2022 and the company is still here leading the charge as more and more music lovers return to vinyl. The company’s latest device, the Victrola Revolution Go brings vinyl jockeys something innovative. 

Weighing a mere 6.8 pounds, the Go is a truly portable turntable. Just charge it, hoist it over your shoulder and you’re a walking party. Its integrated speaker delivers loud, balanced audio that can reliably rock a small shindig for an extended amount of time. And at $199, it’s a relatively inexpensive gambit, especially when compared to other entry-level turntables. But is portability and kitsch enough to win the day? Read on to find out. 

Victrola Revolution Go pricing and availability

The Victrola Revolution Go is currently available for $199 in either all-black or a teal and black color combination. It’s the highest tier in the company’s portable turntable line, but it offers a number of features that the suitcase players simply don’t have, including an integrated battery. 

Victrola Revolution Go design

The Victrola Revolution Go’s design is a thing of beauty as it looks more like an attache than a record player. It’s decidedly retro-futuristic design will appeal to many. The majority of the device is made of black plastic with a matte finish. The actual turntable, arm and controls are protected by a removable lid made of the same black plastic material. Large holes run down the side of the lid for ventilation. 

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An integrated speaker spans the front of the device with a large volume dial located in the right corner. From there, you’ll see a large, retractable handle you can use to carry the turntable as well as a removable guitar strap. Although the all-black chassis is nice, I would have preferred the teal and black configuration as it has a vibrant pop of color that catches people’s attention. 

The Go weighs 6.8 pounds and measures 12.9 x 12.8 x 4.8 inches. It’s about the size of a medium-sized messenger bag and fits comfortably on my shoulder thanks to the included guitar strap. I comfortably transported the record player on the subway from Harlem to Brooklyn with the player nestled against my side. Outside of a few questioning looks, it was a normal commute on the subway.

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In addition to the guitar strap, the Revolution Go ships with a power adapter to recharge the integrated battery and a 45-rpm adapter. 

Victrola Revolution Go ports

Along the back of the Revolution Go you’ll find several inputs such as an analog 3.5mm headphone jack as well as RCA outs in case you want to do things the traditional way. 

Victrola Revolution Go features

Portability and connectivity aside, the Revolution Go is a solidly built turntable. It has stereo sound, a passive bass radiator, and an anti-vibration enclosure to prevent skipping. The solid arm is tipped by the Audio-Technica AT-600LA magnetic moving cartridge that ensures you’ll hear every note the way the artist and mixers intended. The turntable also features a 3-speed belt-drive, which means the player is capable of playing the three standard sizes of vinyl: 12 inch (33.3rpm), 10 inch (78rpm) and 7 inch (45rpm). 

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When it’s time to jam, you can remove the dust cover and use it as a record holder to make selecting your records faster. 

In addition to its internal speaker, Victrola employs its proprietary Vinyl Stream technology. It lets you connect to your favorite devices easily. Not only can you stream your vinyl records to any set of speakers, but it can act as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone or tablet. Set it to Bluetooth mode, and  you’ll see it listed as an option on your device. 

Victrola Revolution Go controls

The Revolution Go is pretty simple when it comes to controls. The Power knob does the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to controls. To power on the player, you hold the button down for 1-2 seconds. It starts in Vinyl mode, but two presses switch over to Vinyl Stream and three presses transitions into Bluetooth mode. The knob also acts as volume control. 

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When it comes to the Vinyl portion of the setup, you’ve got switches for adjusting the rpm speed and an auto stop switch. And there’s also the lift lever which raises and lowers the arm onto the awaiting record. Keep in mind that this is a manual arm, so you’ll need to position the arm into place before dropping it onto the record. It’d be nice however, to have an automatic arm, but for the price, I’m willing to let it slide. 

Victrola Revolution Go setup

I know what you’re thinking? Just put the record on the platter, drop the arm and you’ve got music. And yeah, you’re right, but what if you want to stream music from another device or use the company’s Vinyl Stream technology to stream your vinyl to a Bluetooth speaker? There are a few steps to consider for both modes, but thankfully, it’s a fairly easy process. 

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In order to use Vinyl Stream, you need to turn on the player. It’s default is Vinyl, press the power button again to switch to Vinyl Stream. The light ringing the knob will flash white. From there, I put my Sony SRS-XB43 wireless speaker into pairing mode and heard a light-hearted “paired” from the Revolution Go letting me know everything was up and running. 

For Bluetooth mode, I pressed the power button three times until the light ringing the power knob flashed blue. Next, I went to the Bluetooth menu in my iPhone X, selected the Revolution Go and I was ready to stream. The process was just as seamless on my girlfriend’s Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.  

Victrola Revolution Go performance

As an entry-level turntable, the Revolution Go does a very good job of handling the highs and lows, all while giving the natural warm sound you’d expect from a turntable. I was particularly impressed with the deep bass. In order to put the Go to the test, I pulled out some of my father’s old records along with a few favs from my growing vinyl collection. 

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I started with André Previn and David Rose’s “Like Blue” and was treated to a warm, lively piano accompanied by soft strings that suddenly erupted into a dynamic crescendo. The percussion was nice and crisp. At medium volume, the front-firing integrated speaker had no problem filling the top floor of the house and some of the bottom floor. 

Next up was LL Cool J’s “Jingling Baby.” The drums delivered a solid punch that held its own against the forward keyboard chords. The legendary rapper’s voice came through loud and clear. The bassline took things up another notch, I could almost feel the strum of the strings. Before I knew it, I was busting out some throwback moves from the 80s. 

But what really sells the Revolution Go is the retro feel of it. I heard every hiss, crackle and pop in full stereo. When I streamed the tracks via Vinyl Stream to my Bluetooth speaker, it lost those elements. And while it sounded good, the audio sounded a bit more polished compared to the vinyl. However, both experiences are great. 

Victrola Revolution Go battery life

The Victrola Revolution Go is the world’s first rechargeable, portable, Bluetooth turntable. Charge it up like you would your smartphone,and you’re ready to go. The company has its 2,500-mAH battery estimated for 12 hours of battery life. 

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In my experience, playing records and streaming to other devices the Go lasted 12 hours at a medium volume. It’s plenty of time to work up a good sweat during a dance party. 

Bottom line

The Revolution Go is the perfect option for someone looking to get their feet wet with vinyl and a turntable. While not the best turntable on the market, for the price it performs well beyond expectations. The portability alone sets this device apart. 

The downfalls are also what makes it great. Its lightweight construction may prove to not be as durable depending on your needs and how rough you are with it. Overall, this is a pretty little gadget that will wow your friends and family while fostering a newfound love of vinyl.