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Transcend JetFlash V10 Review

Our Verdict

Slick software can't save this sluggish flash drive.


  • Decent read speed
  • Jet Elite software


  • Slow write speed
  • Delicate build

Despite some highly useful software and a decent read speed, the poor design and achingly slow write speed of the 8GB Transcend JetFlash V10 makes it a flash drive to avoid.

Design and Features

The JetFlash V10 sports a simple, unoffensive black and silver design with a sliding USB connector that would be completely acceptable except for one major flaw: its plastic body feels quite cheap. When we squeezed it between our fingers, the drive produced an alarming amount of flex. Business travelers may want to think twice before tossing it into the bottom of a luggage bag.

Smart Software (with One Exception)

Available for free from Transcend's Web site is the Windows-only JetFlash Elite software, which adds a fair amount of functionality. It lets you use the JetFlash V10 to sync with Outlook, auto-log into your most frequented sites, sync needed documents, password protect data with 256-bit AES encryption, and take your Internet Explorer favorites with you on the road.

On our tests, the JetFlash Elite software worked without a hitch, except for PC-Lock. This feature effectively turns the JetFlash V10 into an electronic key for your computer. When the stick is inserted, it gives users full access to the notebook; when the drive is removed, it locks the notebook to prevent unwanted eyes from accessing it. It worked flawlessly on our first few attempts, but on our last, the computer stayed locked even when we inserted the JetFlash V10. Fortunately, Transcend wisely created a backdoor: The machine automatically unlocks after a certain user-defined interval (ranging from 30 minutes to 1 week).


Our 1GB of mixed media took 3 minutes and 54 minutes to transfer to the drive--a poky rate of 4.3 MBps, which just edged out theOCZ Technology Rally2'sslow 4.0 MBps. Fortunately, the JetFlash V10 read speed of 22.1 MBps in our HD Tach test was more of what we'd expect from a thumb drive, albeit merely average among its peers; the read speed of theSanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus, for example, was 26.2 MBps.

JetFlash V10 Verdict

Even with its admittedly useful Elite software, the JetFlash V10's shoddy build and slow write speeds prevent us from recommending it.

Tech Specs

Size2.5 x 0.8 x 0.3 inches
Weight0.4 ounces
Read/Write SpeedRead/Write: 22.1 MBps/4.3 MBps