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Zoho Show Review

Our Verdict

Besides the lack of advertisments, Zoho Show doesn't offer much.

Zoho Show is part of an impressively wide array of online programs available from AdventNet. Most of these apps are available for free and are surprisingly devoid of advertising. But there aren't many positives beyond that.

What's Wrong with Zoho Show?

In addition to suffering from the characteristic slowness of a typical online program, Zoho Show offers remarkably few features. There are few text-formatting options, and, as far as we could tell, no ability to add animation, charts, tables, or transitions. What features Zoho does offer are organized in an unusual user interface. Curiously, a large part of the UI is devoted to a toolbox of graphical shapes such as circles and squares. And while prominently displayed, these shape tools were hard to work with.

Collaborate with Coworkers

Zoho's key strength is its ability to make your slideshows public, both for collaborative work and eventual presentation. It also has a Public Gadget feature that enables you to place your presentation in a sidebar on your blog. As a tool for developing self-running Web presentations, Zoho Show is acceptable and certainly worth the price. But if you're looking to create advanced presentations, you should look elsewhere.

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Tech Specs

Software TypeMultimedia Software, Web App