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Weather Droid Widget Lite Review

Our Verdict

Weather Droid Widget Lite provides a convenient way of keeping track of the weather on your Android phone.


  • Simple, attractive widget
  • At-a-glance temperature updates


  • Limited functionality
  • Tapping on daily forecasts doesn't provide any additional information

Sometimes you just want to know what the current temperature is. If that's all you're interested in, Weather Droid Widget Lite fits the bill. This ad-supported app--the paid version will set you back $1.39--is actually a widget that can be added to your Android phone's home screen.


The Weather Droid widget consists of the iconic green android who dresses for the weather in various blue and red ensembles, while the current temperature is displayed on its chest. It's cute and simple, and we liked how easy it was to instantly see the current temperature. This and WeatherBug were the only two apps we reviewed that allowed us to see the current temperature with just a quick glance; Weather Droid displays this info in the notification bar.


Weather Droid Widget Lite uses GPS to pinpoint your location, but you can also enter a zip code if you regularly keep GPS turned off. In chilly Chicago, the Android robot wore a blue snowsuit with a red scarf, but when we changed our location to Miami, he shed the snowsuit and scarf for a pair of blue shorts. Tap the widget and you're treated to a five-day forecast of lows, highs, precipitation, and cloudiness, in addition to the current temperature, humidity, and wind speed. Tapping on the individual forecast for a day does nothing aside from highlighting what you tapped.


Weather Droid Widget Lite is fun and functional. While it doesn't have the radar maps and in-depth weather information of more full-fledged weather apps, the temperatures it displayed were consistently accurate. If you just want to see the weather at a glance and can't get enough of the little green guy, Weather Droid Widget Lite will serve you well.

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