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Swackett Review

Our Verdict

A unique spin on weather forecasts for the Mac that's fun and easy to understand.


  • Easy to use
  • Fun icons
  • Great for kids


  • Weather watches and alerts not always up-to-date

Despite many advances in weather technology with Doppler radar technology and pinpoint forecasts, weather forecasts are still pretty much a bunch of random numbers with a weatherman predicting the next snowpocalypse. AGLogic has created Swackett as an instantly accessible guide to the weather by asking the simple question, "Sweater, jacket, or coat?" Powered by information from, it's just as useful for adults in a hurry as it is for kids learning about the weather.

When you first launch Swackett, you can choose to create an account or just go straight to the weather in your location. Female and male icons appear dressed for the day's weather forecast, while the current local temperature is displayed above them. In Chicago, the icons were wearing heavy jackets, mittens, and hats for the predicted high of 32 degrees. In addition to listing the day's high, Swackett lists what the outside temperature will feel like; in this case, 30 degrees. Users can then flip through the forecast for the evening and the next day.

Along the bottom of the window are controls for signing in or out, settings, switching between locations, weather watches and warnings, accessing Swackett info, support, and shopping. Although the app currently only works with U.S. locations, we enjoyed the constant information stream near the top of the window that displayed the warmest and coldest global and U.S. temperatures.

After adding a few different locations via Swacket's settings menu, we were able to easily switch between them via the locations icon. After we entered New York City as a location, a winter storm watch alert flashed in orange near the top of the window. Although this was helpful, we were somewhat dismayed to discover that the storm watch had expired a few hours earlier. Likewise, when looking at the watches and warnings around the U.S., we found that many of them were a few days old and no longer applicable.

To keep the reports fun, Swackett sells several different "editions" of icons. The app includes the Standard and Modern editions. The Standard edition shows a typical hooded sweatshirt on the male icon, while the Modern edition shows the icon sporting an open zip-up sweatshirt. Other editions, such as a British Invasion edition and a Latin American edition, be available soon for $1.29 each for use across Macs, iPads, and iPhones. However, you'll need to create a sign-in to access purchased editions on all of your devices.

Swackett could be more timely, but it's a pretty practical weather app. If you want to know what to wear in a hurry, give it a try.

Tech Specs

Company Website
Software Required OS:Mac OSX 1.06 Snow Leopard
Software TypeUtilities