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Real Racing 2 (iOS) Review

Our Verdict

One of the best iOS racing games gets better on the iPhone 4S, with multiplayer support for up to four gamers.


  • Split-screen multiplayer with 4S
  • 4S-exclusive visual improvements


  • So-so performance on iPhone 4 and below

Racing games are hardly rarities on the iOS platform. Hopping into the App Store, you're likely to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options, ranging from realistic racers to more arcade-style affairs. They all have one thing in common, though: They pale in comparison to full-fledged console racers such as Forza and Gran Turismo. Well, almost all of them. Real Racing 2 ($4.99) is the exception to the rule.


Real Racing 2 is the sequel to the enormously popular racer that raised the bar for gaming expectations on mobile devices. Developer Firemint didn't pull many punches for the second installment, offering 15 tracks, 30 cars (with real licenses such as BMW, Ford, and Jaguar) and a host of multiplayer options.

If you have an Apple TV and an iPhone 4S, you can host a split-screen match on your television. Three other iPhone users (even non-4S owners) can connect to your device, and it'll send the four game screens wirelessly to the HDTV. This is the first time anyone has been able to do this sort of wireless split-screen play on iOS, and we're really hoping that it's not the last. Racing with three other friends on the couch is a blast, though there is some minor lag when playing through Apple TV, so super-competitive types should opt for standard multiplayer.


iPhone 4S owners also get some big visual improvements. The game already looked great on non-A5 devices, though it did suffer from frame rate issues. On the 4S, though, those are long gone, replaced with real-time shadows and lighting on car interiors, as well as better lighting and textures on the tracks. Even with these graphically intense additions, Real Racing 2


If you love racing games, Real Racing 2 is easily the slickest-looking one around. Exclusive 4S features make this title a great deal.

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