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Network Magic Pro Review

Our Verdict

Network Magic Pro is a user-friendly way to manage your network.

You can lock down your own PC, but it may be for naught if your network is open to any Wi-Fi hitchhiker. Network Magic Pro is a full-bore network manager. It mapped our router and organized PCs and printers into a set of clear icons with which we could point to the folders and devices we wanted to share on the network. It tracks the history of devices coming in and out of the network, issues alerts whenever a new PC tries to access the network, and even lets you track unknown PCs as intruders to see who is accessing your domain where and how. Easier and clearer than XP or Vista's networking features, Network Magic Pro provides a simple way to maintain an overview of your network and choose very specifically who can access what materials. Network protection is one of the missing links in most people's security toolboxes. This program fills the gap in a user-friendly way.

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