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Netvibes Review

Our Verdict

A rock solid personal homepage portal.

Netvibes stands out as one of the more interactive and flexible personal-page builders. Driven entirely by the latest Ajax Web-services programming, it acts like an interactive application. For instance, you can name your homepage simply by clicking in a designated space and typing. To customize any of the tabs, click the Options button on the tab itself, and you'll be able to modify its icon or the number of columns it displays. You can even pass the tab and its subscribed content onto others or publish it for the Netvibes community to use.

We really love the mouse-over feature, which pops up the lead-paragraph text behind your RSS-feed headlines. This is a wonderful route for directly accessing news overviews without leaving your homepage. While it doesn't enjoy the broad third-party support of a mainstream portal, Netvibes has a number of branded feeds and services. You can pull in your Flickr images, most Web and POP3 e-mail accounts, and even Google Calendar and podcasts. This is the kind of flexibility we would like to see more of.
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