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Infinity Blade (iOS) Review

Our Verdict

Infinity Blade is the ultimate action-RPG game for your iOS device, and it's even better with an A5 processor.


  • Best graphics on an iOS app
  • Strong sword-fighting gameplay
  • Enhanced visuals for iPhone 4S and iPad 2
  • Fun multiplayer option


  • A big battery drainer

If you're looking for the grandaddy of graphics on the iPhone 4S, you'll find no more impressive contender than Infinity Blade. Even though the game has been out for a year, constant updates for each new iOS device mean that the title remains cutting edge. RPG fans with a lust for graphics should stop here first.


In Infinity Blade, things don't start out very well for you. In fact, you die in the first minute, run clean through by the merciless God King. Thankfully your downtime is short, as you quickly take on the role of an ancestor of the knight who died. Your quest: to bring down the God King and avenge your pappy.

The gameplay itself is a fascinating mix of role-playing and reflex-based action. You'll take on evil knights--often twice as big as you are--by swiping at them with swords and axes while dodging out of the way of their attacks. Old-school arcade fans may even sense some similarities with Punch-Out, where attack patterns were the key to success. Players can also upgrade their equipment in an in-game store, buying swords, armor, and magic rings to give them an edge.

The game has been extremely well-supported since launch, and new content has been added along the way (gear, enemies, environments). The game now has Arena-style battles for multiplayer action and some fancy Facebook integration, which allows you to share your character sheet with friends.


If you're looking for console-quality graphics on a mobile device, Infinity Blade takes the cake. Thanks to Unreal Engine 3 technology, character models and environments look equal to efforts in games such as Gears of War and Uncharted. Anti-aliasing and high resolution textures specific to the iPhone 4S are also sure to make even iPhone 4 owners jealous. These graphics get rid of those pesky jagged lines while increasing the level of detail on armor, weapons, and enemies to the point where you can make out individual notches on the helm of a giant troll, all with an improved frame rate.


Infinity Blade is easily the best way to show off the graphical might of the iPhone 4S. The fact that it has compelling gameplay in addition to gorgeous visuals is just the icing on the cake. Infinity Blade 2 is right around the corner, too, so now's as good a time as any to play catch-up.

Infinity Blade (iOS) Specs

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