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GoToMyPC for iPad Review

Our Verdict

GoToMyPC for iPad does a good job of bringing your notebook's desktop to the tablet.


  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth screen refresh


  • No audio streaming
  • Higher overall cost than competitors
  • Gesture control is buggy
  • No Android app

If you like the idea of leaving your laptop behind when you're on the road, then you'll definitely want to consider adding GoToMyPC for iPad to your arsenal of apps. The download requires a $10 subscription for the host computer, but it provides a simple remote view into your PC back home. Plus, setup is easy and fast. But is this app better than LogMeIn Ignition?

Setup and Features

GoToMyPC gets the nod overall for ease of setup. Once you install the client on the host computer and configure the login and access code required for that remote computer, you can log in with the iPad app. This process took us about five seconds. (Unfortunately, there's no Android app.)

GoToMyPC is comparable in features to LogMeIn Ignition for iPad--we could access our desktop, type in Word docs, and move windows around easily, but GoToMyPC is more intuitive. Its green-and-white interface made it very clear as to which computers were available; all we had to do was click on the one we wanted to connect to.

There are a few features we wish GoToMyPC had: Over our local network, the iPad app did not play music from our host PC. That was a problem for movies: We tested and could watch an episode of Modern Family, but it played without any audio. While you can't do this with Ignition's iPad app, its Android app does let you stream audio, albeit poorly.


Over both a 3G connection (using a Motorola Atrix in hotspot mode) and in a home office using Wi-Fi, GoToMyPC for iPad worked lightning fast; screen refreshes were smoother than in LogMeIn Ignition, and we didn't experience any problems with the display, as we did with Ignition.

GoToMyPC did give us some trouble with the gesture controls, which are important when using the iPad. In theory, you can press one finger to click, two fingers to right-click, hold down to drag, and even use two fingers and hold to scroll up and down on a web page. In practice, we found that the two-finger scroll did not work most of the time. Instead, we kept right-clicking. Performing the same steps using LogMeIn Ignition worked much better and more accurately.


GoToMyPC requires that you use a paid version of the software on your host computer for $10 per month. With LogMeIn Ignition, once you pay $30 for the app, you can use the free host version. Splashtop Remote also uses flat-rate pricing and costs only $5.


While it isn't perfect, GoToMyPC for iPad generally works better than LogMeIn Ignition and Splashtop Remote. We wish it had Android support and that gestures worked better, but its setup process was the easiest. In addition, GoToMyPC has the smoothest screen refresh rate, and its interface is nice and clean. If you want to access your computer remotely, this app is your best bet.

Tech Specs

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PlatformsiPad, iOS
Software Required OS:iOS for iPad
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