Optoma TX7155 Review

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The Pros

Light weight; Full-featured remote control; One-year warranty on lamp

The Cons

Confusing remote-control layout; Defaults to lower brightness mode


A fairly strong--and fairly light--projector that's worth taking a look at.

If you're looking for a lightweight projector with XGA resolution, the Optoma TX7155 is a good choice. This small, black, and boxy 3.2-pound unit sports pretty impressive specs, including 2500 lumens of brightness for a reasonable $1,100.

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The TX7155's Decent Feature Set

The TX7155 can accommodate not only the traditional assortment of VGA, composite, S-Video and audio connectors but also digital video via an HDMI port. It comes with a relatively standard assortment of cables: AC, VGA, and composite video.

With a full-featured remote control, this Optoma provides not only a laser pointer but also a full set of mouse-control buttons. Unfortunately, the sheer number of buttons may confuse presenters. For example, there are two separate quartets of arrow keys, one for moving the mouse pointer and the other for navigating the on-screen menus. It's very easy to confuse the two. Also, the Page Up/Down buttons are too small and not well labeled.


The TX7155 didn't fare especially well on our lab tests. In its default Presentation mode, the projector registered only 1699 lumens; we had to switch the projector to its Bright mode to pump its score up to 2264 lumens. Although this score follows an industry tradition of being about 10 percent short of its advertised value, it's still plenty bright for most typical business applications.

Thanks to this model's DLP imaging engine, we expected a high contrast ratio but saw instead 229:1, one of the lowest scores we have seen for projectors using this technology. On our subjective tests, images were sharp and steady. The projector excelled at resolving very dark grays, but, like most DLP models, the yellow colors were dull and mustard-like. We liked this projector's quick cooldown time of only 15 seconds. The cooling fan was not noticeably loud.

Optoma TX7155 Verdict

With a street price of $1,100, this ultraportable model includes a very generous three-year warranty that features a one-year warranty on the lamp--four times longer than most other projectors. With this factored in, the price is equivalent to that of the Dell M209X, which has similar performance. The Optoma TX7155, however, is a half-pound heavier and has a lower contrast ratio.

Projector Resolution 1024 x 768
Contrast Ratio Less than 500:1
Brightness 2000 to 2999 Lumens
Video Inputs Composite
Supported Formats 1080p
Supported Formats HDTV
Supported Formats 1080i
Supported Formats 720p
Supported Formats 576p
Supported Formats 576i
Supported Formats SECAM
Supported Formats 480p
Supported Formats PAL
Supported Formats 480i
Supported Formats NTSC
Image Engine 0.55-inch DLP DMD
Remote Control Features mouse movement buttons
Remote Control Features Page Up/Down buttons
Remote Control Features Laser pointer, left and right mouse buttons
Cool Down Time 15 seconds
Speakers One 1-watt
Zoom Focus Manual optical zoom and focus, 1:1.15 zoom ratio
Input Terminals S-Video
Input Terminals HDMI
Input Terminals Composite Video
Input Terminals Audio-In
Input Terminals VGA-In
Other Terminals USB
Projector Technology DLP
Size 8.7 x 7.0 x 2.8 inches
Weight 3.2 pounds
Company Website http://www.optomausa.com
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