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InFocus Work Big LP120 Review

Our Verdict

Its classic design is still a winner in the portable projector category.

In a rapidly changing industry where most products have a shelf life of mere months, it is refreshing to come across a classic design that seems ageless. We first reviewed the revolutionary two-pound InFocus LP120 back in 2003, and while not the five-star stunner of its youth, its elegant design still deserves a place in many laptop carrying cases.

As with all miniature models, brightness was never the LP120's strong suit. Indeed, our lab test result of 710 lumens was considerably lower than the 876 lumens we reported more than two years ago (see the June 2004 issue of LAPTOP). Nevertheless, this projector's user-friendly features are still outstanding.

The remote control is simple but powerful. The control panel atop the projector includes a unique status-LCD screen, and the fan noise is refreshingly low. The LP120 includes a two-year warranty and a 90-day lamp guarantee. The price has barely dropped since we last tested this model, which is proof of its continued popularity.

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Tech Specs

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