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Audiovox NVX226 Review

Our Verdict

Save your $600: This device misses the mark.

It's a mystery why the Audiovox NVX226 lists for $599, since it doesn't have any of the advanced features we'd expect at that price. There's no Bluetooth, MP3 player, or photo viewer. In fact, we found this navigator's performance so poor that it would be overpriced at half that amount.

During our testing, the NVX226 froze three times and had to be reset. We've never had any other GPS unit freeze even once. When it freezes, you need to remove the device from its bulky suction-cup mount and press the reset button on the back with the stylus, something you can't do while driving. Even changing the position of the mount takes two hands, owing to its terrible design.

Using the NVX226's menus is difficult because of their poor layout, but the POI database really surprised us. It contains categories for cemeteries and mountain peaks, but nothing for banks or ATMs. When it's working, this model is adequate for basic routing, although the voice prompt sounds more stilted and computerized than others.

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Tech Specs

Size4.7 x 3.4 x 0.9 inches
Weight6.8 ounces
Touch ScreenNo
Company Website