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ALK CoPilot Live Laptop 10 USB Philips Review

Our Verdict

CoPilot Live may be a dying breed, especially when stand-alone GPS devices cost the same and do more.

While CoPilot Live is the best notebook GPS option around, it doesn't even hold up against low-priced dashboard models. This is the tenth version of the product, and it's in dire need of a major interface improvement, which the company promises to make in upcoming versions. We were especially disappointed by the POI selection screen, which doesn't list enough categories (there's no bank/ATM option, for example) and doesn't break up restaurants by cuisine.

The POI tool should have a zippy flash interface, but instead it has a poky old-school one. When you pull up a list of destinations, such as nearby gas stations, the CoPilot doesn't provide their addresses and doesn't even give the address after you've selected a destination. That makes it difficult to find a business in the direction you're going.

CoPilot Live offers text-to-speech for pronouncing street names, but it sounds horrible. Choose the preset audio clips, instead. One plus: The product can receive live traffic info when paired with a wireless Internet data plan on your laptop.

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