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iGo everywhere85 Review

Our Verdict

Charge your notebook and one other gadget at the same time with this slimmed-down accessory.


  • Variety of notebook tips included
  • Simultaneously charges a notebook and a gadget
  • Includes durable carrying case


  • Flimsy retractable extension cord
  • A lot of components to keep track of
  • iPod and cell phone tips not included

The modern traveler knows the frustrations of losing coveted luggage space for laptop, camera, and cell phone chargers. Mobility Electronics' iGo everywhere85 universal power adapter fights for more space in your bag by providing one charger for all your devices. The iGo everywhere also saves you time, simultaneously charging two devices from one wall, car, or power-enabled airline seat outlet.

Shaped like a Hershey's chocolate bar, the silver iGo power brick can fit in one hand. Remarkably smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the iGo everywhere130, this eight-ounce power brick won't weigh down your laptop bag, though the extra cords do add some bulk. Included in the package are four cords: a wall outlet (AC) power cord, auto/air (DC) outlet power cord, retractable notebook input cord, and a dualpower plug. Also included are eight notebook tips, though once you figure out which notebook tip can charge your laptop, you can leave the others at home. To keep all these components together, iGo includes a durable carrying case.

We put this device to the test on a recent business trip to Germany. Because we were able to leave the chargers to our BlackBerry, iPod, and Sony FZ notebook at home, we comfortably fit the iGo pack in our carry-on and didn't find our shoulder aching while we walked around the airport terminal. We were able to charge our devices on the plane, thanks to an EmPower DC power plug under the armrest (on a Continental flight). We connected the power brick to our laptop through the retractable notebook input cord. Though we liked that this cord provided some slack, it didn't pull out of the retractable wheel easily and kept getting stuck. On the other end of the brick, we connected the DC outlet cord to the plane seat outlet and charged our laptop.

Once we arrived, we had no problem charging our devices through the European 220-volt outlets, thanks to the included converter. Unfortunately, gadget tips aren't included with the iGo everywhere. The charging tip for a Motorola RAZR costs $9.99, and the iPod tip (compatible with the new line of iPods) is $12.99.

Although it seems like you're traveling with an abundance of cords with the iGo everywhere85, cutting down on the AC adapters and power bricks makes up for it. If you're the type who typically packs an extra bag just for devices, cords, and chargers, the iGo everywhere85 will be a godsend.

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Tech Specs

Accessories TypeCamcorder Accessories, Laptop Accessories, Cell Phones Accessories, Cameras Accessories
Company Website
Size4.8 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches
Weight8 ounces