iPhone 15 tipped for another 'Pro' feature — and you may not like it

iPhone 14 Pro
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The iPhone 15 rumor cycle is spinning out of control with a variety of leaks pointing to updates to the standard iPhone models in 2023 that will bring them closer to their "Pro" siblings.

Most of these are welcome changes, including a new camera sensor and the addition of the Dynamic Island (ok, maybe not thrilling for that one, but welcome), but a new leak from the same Weibo user that tipped the release of the yellow iPhone 14 indicates that the iPhone 15 will adopt the matte glass back of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (via TechRadar).

What's the matte-r with that?

Many of you are probably thinking, "Who cares; I can just put a case on my iPhone anyway." You're not wrong. I struggle with this every time I review an iPhone or any smartphone: how much does the aesthetic design actually matter when, according to some studies, roughly 80% of smartphone owners use a case? (That study is from 2017, so I'd be surprised if it hasn't risen slightly since then.)

However, Apple prides itself on its design perhaps more so than any other consumer tech brand, so I have no doubt there is a percentage of iPhone fans that are incredibly invested in the look of their iPhone, whether they plan to cover it with a case or not.

While the matte finish on the back has been exclusive to the Pro iPhones, it isn't universally loved. Some feel that the glossy finish on the standard iPhone models actually has a more premium look to it. On the other hand, the matte finish significantly reduces fingerprints from smudging your iPhone, and it also makes the phone slightly less slippery to hold.

iPhone 14 Pro

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Is something even more "Pro" coming?

The other question this raises is if the standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus are getting matte backs, does Apple has something new in store for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Ultra? Rumors of a titanium frame have circulated for some time, but perhaps Apple has a new material for the back as well. 

We've got about three months to go before we enter the potential announcement window for the iPhone 15, so the rumors and leaks are only like to pick up from here. Keep up to date on the latest news by following our iPhone 15 rumor hub.

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