iPhone 15 design leak confirms a radical change and a feature shared from the Pro

iPhone 15 Ultra render via 4RMD
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Every year, we hope for an iPhone redesign. With the iPhone 15, that looks likely to happen, with the 15 Pro (and iPhone 15 Ultra) getting some new curves and the standard 15 picking up a new, highly requested feature.

These leaks come courtesy of ShrimpApplePro, who has had a pretty good track record in the past. So let’s talk about what is being claimed.

Look at those curves

The iPhones have kept these flat sides and edges (calling back to the iPhone 4) since the iPhone 12, so it’s about time for a redesign. This time, we’re getting curves.

Display sizes will remain the same as the iPhone 14 series, and while the vanilla iPhone 15 is getting curved edges, the source has claimed the Pro will have “thinner bezels,” along with an added curvature to the bezels.

Now, the only question is how curved are we talking here? Shrimp states the display is still flat (phew), but will the back be a continuous curve like the iPhone 3G, or will it just be the edges that are rounded like we saw from the iPhone 6 - iPhone 11?

Goodbye, notch

iPhone 14 Pro

(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Outside of the iPhone 15 Pro getting curvy, the other big news (probably bigger than the redesign) is that the Dynamic Island looks set to come to all iPhone 15 models next year.

This transition was always going to happen. Once Apple invests in a new feature on the Pro, it inevitably comes down to the rest of the lineup. So while the confirmation is not surprising, it’s still great to see it happen in a quick one-year turnaround. RIP Notch.

And finally, Shrimp has something to share about the iPhone 15 Pro Max (aka Ultra) — saying that the thinner bezels and curved edges mean the larger phone is “very beautiful,” with a jewel-like effect that is similar to the Apple Watch.


Any redesign from Apple is an exciting time, primarily because it so rarely happens. But with these changes especially, the internal hype is starting to build.

Why? Well, when compared to the rest of Apple’s hardware lineup, the blockier aesthetic of the iPhones has always stuck out a bit — not in a bad way, but to be more uniform with the utilitarian curves of the Apple Watch would make for a more seamless hardware experience.

If you’re curious to find out more, keep it locked on Laptop Mag, as we’ve got a ton of Apple stuff and iPhone 15 leaks coming.

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