Google Chrome on iOS is getting some big AI updates — 5 new features coming to your iPhone

Google Chrome on iPhone
Google Chrome on iPhone (Image credit: Apple)

In case you missed it, on Tuesday, Google announced that it's rolling out five new features to iOS, including some AI-driven perks that will make navigating through the mobile browser much easier. 

While there are many crossover features between the desktop version of Google Chrome and the iOS variant, both platforms operate slightly differently. Now, the search-engine giant is boasting that the iOS-based Chrome app is going to be a lot smoother for iPhone users.

5 features coming to Google Chrome on iOS

If you're wrapped up in the Google ecosystem, you're going to appreciate the new updates — some of them AI-based — the search engine giant has rolled out for its iPhone users, starting with a more convenient, seamless way of keeping track of upcoming events, tasks, and meetings.

1. Create Google Calendar events by simply tapping a date. Instead of switching apps or copying information manually, creating Google Calendar events simply requires you to press and hold any date. Next, a pop up will appear prompting you to add the event to your Google Calendar. "Chrome will automatically create and populate the calendar event with important details like time, location and description," the official press release boasted.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar (Image credit: Google)

2. Instant translations for websites in foreign languages. If you're visiting Barcelona, there's a chance that you may stumble upon some websites in Catalan during your travel research. No worries! Chrome will now automatically offer to translate the website in your native tongue. Thank you AI!

3. Translate specific portions of a webpage. A Google Translate option will be built into the app, allowing you to translate just a paragraph or two on the website.

Google Translate iOS Chrome

(Image credit: Google)

4. Search with existing images in your gallery. You can already use Google Lens on iOS-based Chrome to get more details on an image while browsing. Now, Google is adding a new feature that will allow you to search its database for details about the images that are currently sitting in your camera roll. (Google will be adding a new Lens icon to the address bar.)

Google Chrome Lens

Google Chrome Lens (Image credit: Google)

5. Addresses are now 'detectable' for Maps. A new AI feature can identify addresses on webpages. When you press and hold them, you can easily view them in a miniature Google Maps window in Chrome.

iOS Google Chrome maps

iOS Google Chrome maps (Image credit: Google)

Expect to see these new features roll out in the coming months.

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