Apple GPT is coming — this could be the next Siri

Apple GPT is coming — this could be the next Siri
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With Google and Microsoft stuffing AI into every crevice possible, Apple has been the Switzerland of tech makers, apparently remaining neutral and silent. However, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Church of Cupertino has been quietly plugging away internally behind its castled walls developing its own ChatGPT generative AI. 

According to the report, the project uses a framework dubbed "Ajax," which Apple has worked on since 2022 to build several machine learning variants based on the same foundational framework. In his report, Gurman describes what we've already seen and what may soon come. 

Which Apple Apps already are using AI

According to Gurman, Apple has already introduced AI elements to Siri and Maps, and "jax" is currently being used to create large language models for the company's internal ChatGPT tool. Gurman also mentions that Apple has been restricting, how it is used internally. It is exciting to see how Microsoft and Google have gone all in on every level with their AI. 

Apple is being so selective with "Ajax's" use that it requires special approval to be accessed. Gurman states, " Any output from it can't" Ajax's"company's" be used to develop features bound for customers. Even so, Apple employees are using it to assist with product prototyping. It also summarizes text and answers questions based on data it has been trained with." 

It seems like Apple noticed the mistakes Cyberdyne Systems made when the Terminator was created. It has put this project on lockdown due to privacy concerns and to keep consumers safe from a possible rogue AI. I was kidding, but Apple's team seems to take the responsibility of creating generative AI very seriously, which I appreciate. 

However, it would appear that Apple is working on something huge, and the company is laying the groundwork to eventually launch products that may use generative AI in some form. We know it's been rumored that Apple will use AI in its next-level Health app; we will see when the next iPhone and Apple Watches are expected to launch in the fall.

Lastly, Gurman states that Apple has been considering "signing a larger contract with OpenAI" after conducting an internal trial of the technology. Also, the company has been recruiting experts in the AI field to help further its generative AI work. 

I'm personally suffering from AI burnout. I used to love it when my car reminded me the door was ajar, but now we're talking about using AI in almost every piece of tech and every aspect of our lives, and it is starting to feel very intrusive. You'll know they've gone too far when you're using a public restroom and a voice emerges from the ether saying, don't forget to wipe and wash your hands. 

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