21 new emojis are coming to iPhone — this 'talk to the hand' one will tickle you

Apple Emojis
Apple's new emojis (Image credit: Apple)

If you've been desperately wanting to showcase your love for ginger via an expressive emoji, you're in luck! Alongside a slew of other emojis, ginger made the cut for a new crop of emoticons that are headed to the next major update for iPhone (iOS 16.4).

Aside from the pungent spice, you'll also find colorful maracas, a stunning Japanese hand fan (i.e., Uchiwa), and our favorite, a "talk to the hand" emoji that will delight iPhone users who love to express their dismissive, passive aggressive nature.

Apple to unleash 21 new emojis

Thanks to the first developer beta of iOS 16.4 released today, we're getting a sneak peek at 21 new emojis that are poised to hit wider audiences in the near future — springtime to be exact.

As mentioned, new emojis include ginger, maracas, a hand fan, and a new "talk to the hand emoji," but you're also getting more colorful hearts, peas in a pod, lavender, jellyfish, a raven, an angel wing, a hair pick, and more.

I don't know about you, but the maracas is one of our favorites; it'll be best for celebratory comments about upcoming festivities or accomplishments. 

iOS 16 new emojis

Maracas emoji (Image credit: Apple)

We could see ourselves using the "peas in the pod" emoji while gossiping about Frick and Frack-type characters who get along swimmingly because of their similar personalities. And of course, for those moments when you want to boast about your glorious 'fro, you can whip out the hair pick to really emphasize the grandeur of your mane.

The Uchiwa may be the most eye-catching emoji of the bunch. I can't wait to use that one when I'm feeling particularly posh, fancy and elegant. 

iPhone emoji hand fan

iPhone emoji hand fan (Image credit: Apple)

And of course, during those moments when you've realized you've forgotten to add ginger to the shopping list, you can always quickly text the errand runner, "OMG, don't forget to buy [insert ginger emoji]!"

iOS 16 new emojis

iOS 16 new emojis (Image credit: Apple)

In addition to the fresh  batch of emojis, look out for the ability to manage push notifications by saving web apps to the Home Screen. The new emojis and push-notification feature should roll out with iOS 16.4 in the coming weeks.

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