Intel's vPro Core Ultra CPUs are here to give business laptops an AI promotion

Intel's vPro Core Ultra CPUs could help your enterprise boldly go to the next level
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This week while attending MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Intel announced the expansion of its AI PC initiative with the new Intel vPro platform coming soon to the best business laptops. This platform leverages the power of the latest Intel Core Ultra processors (with optional built-in Intel Arc GPUs) and 14th Gen Intel Core processors to deliver.

I already reviewed the MSI Prestige 16 AI EVO, which is meant for business users, I found it to perform not only all your document-pushing business needs but also found it was great for editing 6K videos in DaVinci Resolve while on the go.

The AI PC revolution is now entering the Enterprise marketplace, toting along new tools like Copilot, powered by the onboard NPU, which could present enterprise users with an opportunity to not only improve workflow but work-life balance. Here is an overview of what we learned during our time with Intel at MWC. 

Enterprise users prepare for vast improvements

  • Enhanced productivity: Up to 47% improvement in office application performance compared to 3-year-old PCs.
  • Robust security: Enhanced threat detection, system firmware authentication, and hardware-based remote management.
  • Streamlined manageability: New tools for cloud-based device management and patching.
  • Improved stability: Frictionless OS transitions and 99.7% application compatibility with Windows 11.
  • Sustainability: 94% of vPro devices are EPEAT Silver or better, and using its remote repair features can save significant carbon emissions.

David Feng, Intel VP of Client Computing Group, emphasizes the significance of this development "The new Intel vPro platform with Intel Core Ultra continues to raise the bar... We are delivering new AI experiences with more than 100 software vendors, Windows 11 and Copilot. 2024 is shaping up to be the best year to refresh your fleet and be AI-ready."

Key features of the vPro platform

  • Powerful processors: Intel Core Ultra and 14th Gen Core processors offer exceptional performance and efficiency, with optional built-in Intel Arc GPUs for enhanced graphics capabilities.
  • Advanced security: Intel Threat Detection Technology and Intel Silicon Security Engine safeguard against cyber threats.
  • Improved manageability: New tools like Intel Device Discovery and Device Health simplify device management for IT teams.
  • Enhanced stability: The vPro platform ensures compatibility with Windows 10 and 11, while Intel's Stable IT Program simplifies deployment. list

The vPro platform fills growing demand for professional workstation graphics

  • New Intel Arc Pro graphics: Delivering performance and features typically found in high-end discrete graphics cards, these integrated GPUs offer ray tracing, AI upscaling, and AV1 encoding for enhanced visuals and performance.
  • ISV certifications: Ensure compatibility and reliability for professional design and engineering software. list

Final thoughts

When combined with deep co-engineering with Microsoft on Windows 11, Copilot, and Teams, the vPro platform should deliver a comprehensive solution for businesses of every size seeking to embrace the potential of AI PCs.

This looks to be a pivotal moment for enterprise technology, and the vPro platform that will equip businesses with the tools and capabilities to thrive in the AI-driven future.

Ultimately some industry insiders are concerned about whether Microsoft will be able to deliver, and in a sense keep up with the hardware now being produced not only by Intel but by OEMs as well. I will say CoPilot is a nice start, but the next phase or iteration of Windows OS has to be stable, secure, innovative, and when launched at least appear to be fully baked.

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