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Zune HD Returns, But For How Long?

Guess who's back? The Zune HD pulled a serious Mickey Rourke and is on the road to a serious comeback, sort of. After posting a curt paragraph on and removing images of the Zune HD from updated product pages, Microsoft is doing a little backtracking. A tweet from the Zune Support Twitter page stated that the attempts to erase Zune from the tech zeitgeist was a mistake and that no official moves have been made to discontinue the hardware, much to the Zune faithful's delight.

In the hours since reports of the Zune hardware's untimely demise, the initial statement has been pulled and the Zune HD's product page has been restored. However, any mention of the mp3 player is noticeably absent from the Zune Music Pass page, which leaves me on edge.

Microsoft has been doing a mean two-step with Zune as of late. First, it killed of the Zune Original hardware, and then it didn't... and then it did again. As much as I love my Zune, I can't be be blind to the flashing message on the wall. My beloved mp3 player is on borrowed time, as are most mobile music devices that aren't phones. Even though Apple announced a new iPod nano and iPod touch, smartphones and tablets are quickly encroaching on what used to be mp3 territory. The rise of the all-in-one movement is in full swing, complete with apps to stream the fight music and 32GB SD cards to store the carnage. For now, we the mp3 player devotees will stand firm blasting Public Enemy's "Fight The Power" and count our blessings that our devices live on to play another song for another day.

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