Zer01 Mobile CEO Addresses Scam, Vaporware Allegations

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zerojonThere has been a lot of buzz around the net lately about Zer01, a new carrier that claims that it will offer unlimited data and VoIP calls at discounted rates. And the buzz hasn't been good. We thought highly enough of the potential of this service back in April to give Zer01 a Best of CTIA award, but NetworkWorld just published an article claiming that the company's promises might be too good to be true.

Editor's Note - 8/4/09: LAPTOP has rescinded the Best of CTIA Award given to Zer01.

One of the primary issues is the company's ties with Buzzirk, which many claim is nothing more than an shady pyramid scheme for peddling Zer01’s products. We reached out to Zer01 CEO Ben Piilani to get some answers about this relationship, Zer01's ties to existing carriers, and when its phones will see the light of day.

What do you say to those who claim that Zer01 isn't legit?
One of the companies that we signed on with, just as a distributor on a contractual basis was Mobile Verge. We didn't meet them until after CTIA in May when they came to us. We weren't even considering multi-level marketing until they came to us. They pitched us on the idea that---even though I’m not familiar with multi-level marketing verticals, and I've never been a fan myself---they pitched me on the idea that it's a lucrative market that shouldn’t be overlooked.

And they mentioned that they’ve worked with successful companies such as Amway where they've had successful models. We created that vertical specifically to work with Buzzirk in May. Again, it was only contractual as far as them becoming a distributor under that vertical.

I guess in the past 10 or 11 days we discovered there was some murky past with Mark Petschel the CEO and he was convicted of securities fraud. So I contacted him and he explained to me the situation and he basically --long story short--he did get convicted of securities fraud. So we asked Mobile Verge to remove him as the CEO and so currently he just resigned as the CEO.

Who is Buzzirk?
Buzzirk was an MVNO of Amp'd. When Amp'd went under, Buzzirk left this big infrastructure. The founder of Buzzirk then founded this multi-level marketing company called Mobile Verge. We signed an agreement with Buzzirk that allowed them to sublicense to Mobile Verge. Basically, Buzzirk is just a brand and they are going to sell that brand to multi-level marketing. Again, it's just a distribution agreement; we don't own any part of them and they don't own any part of us. They came and signed on as a distributor under one of our verticals and they aren't the only one we're working with.

We were going to push the product through them as "Powered by Zer01." They were originally going to launch in their agent network before on the public side. Then all of other stuff happened so we demanded they get it cleaned up before we start moving the product.

Why partner with a company like Global Verge marketing? We listened to the marketing pitch, and to an everyday Joe Consumer, that sounds like a Pyramid Scheme through and through, with promises like “$29,000 a month,” “a WiMax phone,” phones from “science fiction movies.” That sounds like a scam to us.
None of that came through our compliance. What happened was [[Buzzirk’s]] base grew too fast I guess and they didn't have their compliance in place and so their agents... it's one of those things you tell one person and by the time it gets down the chain it's a totally different story. And they just started marketing that stuff. So according to our agreement they weren't allowed to put out any public materials without passing it through us first. They didn't have control over their associates at that time. They just signed in a new compliance officer. I can't make a whole lot of comments about that company because they are completely separate from us. I'm just making comments on what I do know.

Do you worry that Global Verge and Buzzirk are going to ruin your name before your product even hits the market?
Absolutely. At the time we didn't realize there was going to be a compliance issue and that it was going to get out of hand. In 2 weeks it went completely out of hand on their side. We're pretty much completely helpless from our standpoint. The only thing there is to do now is tell them to clean up and get their compliance together. When we first started with them it wasn't that we were intending on doing anything like this. For now we'll deal with the aftermath and try to clean it up. Obviously, this was a new thing for us too, multilevel marketing. It was unconventional. It made sense at the time.

Can you cut your ties with Global Verge?
We could completely sever our relationship with them but I don't see how that would do any good. It would cause even more bad to come out. The best thing we can do with them is get their compliance in place and get it all cleaned up. And then get phones in their hands and have them out on the market.

Do you have any rules in place requiring them to get rid of these bogus claims?
Yes we do. They have an ultimatum to shut down these sites and only post approved,  messages. If not they'll be removed as an associate. At this point I don't know how quickly they are going to be able to clean it up. Obviously, there are individual sites out there. A compliance e-mail has to go out to all of their associates.

Does Zer01 have a patent for its technology?
We are patent pending right now issued through the Patent Trademark Office.
[[Note: Zer01 spokesperson Ron Dresner says the pending patent number is US 61/149,871 under the Unified Technologies Group name.]]

Do you have a response to those who argue that AT&T and T-Mobile have said they don't have a partnership with you? How could a nationwide footprint be possible without a partnership with one of them?
T-Mobile didn't deny it, they said they can't make a comment. If you were to contact the carriers I'm sure they would give you the "we can't make a comment," [[answer]]. I'm not saying we don't have a partnership. I'm just saying we aren't going to comment on who our partners are and what relationships they have.

We're limited by the network, yes. If there isn't a 3G connection we're going to be on EDGE or GPRS. But there's still an unlimited Internet connection; it's just at slower speeds. We're providing unlimited Internet access.

There are rumors that you bought some of the 2100-MHz band, but there's no proof. Can you address this?
We never made any comments. We are piggybacking on GSM networks. We never made comments that we bought any, or acquired any, specific frequencies. The funny thing is, everyone is making a big deal about frequencies when you and I know just as well it doesn't matter what frequency you're on. It's just a radio frequency inside a spectrum. We never made the comment that we ever bought spectrum. We are partnered and interconnected with GSM networks.

What can we expect from Zer01 in the near future?
We just said we're partnering with NetMovies, and they are owned 34 percent by Blockbuster. The CEO of that company is the founder and CEO of Napster. They came to us because they are a content company. They do IP television, gaming, movies, and music. They came to us because we have unlimited Internet access. Originally that's why they came to us but then they came to us in a different way. They said, well John Fanning has existing relationships through his past Napster deal and he wants to work with us in the big box. They offer the more conventional distribution through big box retailers like you would normally see.

We are also working with independent retailers. We have one with 20,000 locations and another with 6,000 locations with real store fronts. So we're going that way as well.

How long until we can check out a phone?
We're sending phones out to a few journalists next week sometime. If we put working phones in journalist’s hands they can make comments about it. Everybody says we can't do this. It's not that hard of a concept to think about it. I was using it last week at the Mobile Beat 2009 conference and I demonstrated it there.

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  • Excited Says:

    Don't worry, I'll be back with lots of surprises!!!

    "As the world turns" HEADS, THAT IS!!

    Make it a Blessed Day.

  • Courtney Says:

    Where did you get that information from??? I'm still looking into the business and was diappointed when i read about Buzzir.

  • mcnair Says:

    Actually...my immediate upline informed me today thar t.Mobile has picked up where Zero1 dropped off. In my opinion, the story continues. Do I have permission to use somef yous guys blogs in my book?

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Kathleen, SMJ, Excited where did you all go I do so miss our educated discussions

  • Excited Says:


    What a difference a day makes. You spoke too soon, my friend.

    Keep the Faith in all yu do.

    Make it a Blessed Day!

  • Simon Says:

    Go back to work everyone... your overnight get rich dream is now over......
    Concentrate on a real job... and stop promoting a product that no one has seen.

    What a joke...

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    - Due To Breach Of Contract, MVNE Zer01 Mobile Cuts All Ties With Buzzirk Mobile For Distribution Services -

    For immediate release: 8/13/09
    For more information: Ron Dresner

    Read more: http://www.fiercewireless.com/press-releases/zer01-mobile-dissolves-business-partnership-buzzirk-mobile#ixzz0O5c5ObHP

  • Biker Buc Says:

    My brother, a Diamond Something, just forwarded this e-mail to me show me how misinformed I was about Global Verge. I guess I must stand corrected. Zer01 must be true. Unfortunatly, I can't find anything on the web about Mark, finally, demonstrating the phone last Monday. Can someone who attend this event Post a review on how GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark's demonstration went.


    This is from our upline Triple Diamond, Melissa Gunlock...
    Please notify any of your team members or prospects that live anywhere close to Kansas City, Mo. MARK PETSCHEL will be doing the meeting tonight at the American Royal Building at 7PM. If you go to AmericanRoyal.com, you can get directions from different highways and freeways. Mark will have the phone with him and some of the other products as well.
    During the wait and some of the delays we have been going through, you can really determine the LEADERS!! I do know one thing, it is going to be well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Global Verge Opportunity Meeting
    Special Guest - Monday August 10, 2009

    Co-Founder Mark Petschel
    Will Have Phones, Air to water Machines, Power Savers, etc.

    American Royal
    1701 American Royal Ct.
    Kansas City, MO 64102

    All E-associates $5.00, all Guests Free

  • Biker Buc Says:

    Global Verge CEO History:

    - Mark Petchel - Fired - Crook

    - Steve Lewis - Fired - Whistle Blower

    - TBD - Savior of Global Verge - Holds new “Secret Patent” that uses Cell Phone 6G and Water Purification techologies that turn Water into Gold.

    Quote: “Our engineers are now downloading 4 Troy Ounces per minute.”

    Sorry about Zer01. The “Man” took us out. But, “GoldWater02″ is Guaranteed. Good as Gold!!

    Keep the Faith and Keep Recruiting!!!

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Wow the stupidity never ends, someone tells you the phone works and you believe it , of course this individual has no loyalty to GV as he is a 3rd party independent reviewer with the technological know how to verify what is going on. Or is he just an ambulance chaser lawyer that represents the companies interests hmmmm go figure.

    Of course it's all you pesky competitors that are just being negative LOL

  • Rich Says:

    Its funny how you can hear what you want to hear. Why didnt perry video tape it Excited? Why hasnt Zero 1 broadcasted a video of it, especially when laptop mag warned them that they would take away the award? HMMM, what cuz Piilanni was offended @ some of Todds questions?? Cmon! Even if Todd had asked bad questions, which he didnt, you dont shoot yourself in the foot by not keeping your word and sending out phones and not responding to an important email! and if Piilani is that STUPID would you want to be in business with him anyway? Again a beautifully orchastrated SCAM!

  • Rich Says:

    Lmao. Excited youre funny in your enthusiastic stupidity. I actually did think when I read your post. I thought wow maybe Im wrong? Then I said CMON!!!! Dude just show the world a you tube video and shut me eveyone else up! This is a SCAM! and it will continue. and yes Im a spy...007

  • Still a believer Says:

    Karen, you want to file legal action against them, for what? They probably haven't even charged your credit card yet. Why would anyone listen to a person who was just fired? Usually those persons have nothing good to say. Zero1 has technology which is real, as for the phones they don't come from Zero1, they are simply the provider. Will phones come out? Sure they will, shortly in fact. I guess everyone is going to jump ship and go with the other company that is offering a similiar service, and I use that term lightly? Instead of an alleged $39/month scam, the other guy wants $398 to be enrolled and guess what? The upline gets most of that money within a week. What the other guys are offering is a repackaged mlm, they added a phone and a host of other useless membership products, so you can flog their wares for 10x the price! Give GV a chance, time will tell!

  • Excited Says:

    THINK, THINK, THINK, RICH!!! You said it yourself. Do you really think the company allowed it? where's your head? If you're sooo against this company, why then are you on the calls? Are you the spy? You must be from ACN or is it 5Linx or some other company that you stand to lose money from. Hidden agenda. Use common sense.
    Do you think it's possible they got fired because they got caught using Global Verge information to start their own company??? Do you really think they were going to have anything good to say?? They had to save face because they got caught!!!!! THat was Steves' personal line and he put it out there to all the Triples making us think it was a call from the owners. They didn't even know it was happening until it was over. You think Steve sounded a little bitter???? Extremely.
    By the way, while you're at it, why don't you tell everyone about the call that the COO did on his way back from meeting face to face with Ben Piilani who demonstrated the phones, the sim cards, the features, making calls (out of the U.S.), seemlessly. He was pretty excited and rightfully so, but no one hears about that do they?? Guess you missed that secret little call. So, you were right when you said, "THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED ALL ALONG"! The TECHNOLOGY, that is. It's coming/it's here and sucks for you. Why don't YOU accept it??

  • Rich Says:

    HMM???Heard last nights call. Isnt it interesting that a company would allow "fired" employees to address the company top salesforce????Usually when someone is fired they are escorted out of the building and they cant even say goodbye to anybody. So why would the ownership allow this to happen?? HMM? Maybe because they know they can no longer continue the facade, especially after laptop mags move and all the other clusterfu**s. hmm??So lets sink the ship, get the top leaders to quit....this will cause most triple dumbasses to do the same and we get to net ALL the comissions. Steve, Wayne, Teresa, make sure you sink the ship! We will take care of you, and you can try to preserve your reputation as much as possible even thoough youve been lying to them all along. THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED ALL ALONG! luckily for most thier cc account froze. Everything from Piilani/Utgi, all the hype, the sims, the delays, now the sinking of the ship, EVERYTHING has been ORCHASTRATED! It is truly evil genius!

  • Ted Says:

    is it possible to get my 70$ back for becoming e-Associate with all of this fraud? What should I do? Should I call my CC company?

    any ideas?

  • Alex Says:

    Epic Fail

  • Rich Says:

    Sad to see the old use car salesman go...he was comical. Ben Piilani is a CON ARTIST!!!

  • Matt Warner Says:

    Listen to that Triple Diamond call that is online!!!

    These are the people who were brought in to fix it.
    >They claim 15 people were fired, there are no corporate books, At one point they said they were operating out of a shoe box.
    >They had no financials that is why they could not get a good credit card processor
    >Warren Hanchey [who was scheduled to be the CEO] tried to meet with the engineer to verify the technology. He was origianally approved to look at it and then it was pulled by BEN Piilani.
    Steve Lewis current CEO could not verify the technology!
    >They said that there was no way to get definitive information about ANY relevant area at Buzzirk and Global Verge - THESE ARE THE PEOPLE BROUGHT IN TO MANAGE AND FIX GLOBAL VERGE!
    > The technology was only for the United States [NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD INCLUDING CANADA] and that there was no contract with global verge and Buzzirk
    >They said it is HIGHLY unlikely that they can pay commissions next week as promised and IF THEY DO pay commissions it will not be right as the genealogy is messed up.
    >They cancelled their distributorship with Global Verge who now has 5 employees!

    Now even the die hards on this blog who LOVE a challenge have to be realistic about this....

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, an expert tells you it is a duck... it is a duck!

    The INSIDE EXPERTS have told you THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY PROFESS IT TO BE! They could not verify the technology, they could not substaniate the finances they could not recommed that you continue with the company.

    Is there anything more to say?

  • NGSI Says:

    Management get's fired/resigned just gets better every day but hey it's still the best thing since sliced bread(only for entertainment value lol)

  • Karen Says:

    I signed up with this company at the end of May, believing it to be legitimate, based on the positive articles about this company and the award given to it by Laptop. I had to take care of other business and was away from home much of the time until now and I now can finally work this plan and sign up people under me in this company. I went through my mail today to look for the Sim card that I missed that should have come in the mail by July 1, and although my husband said it never came, I was sure he missed it! I tried to call my recruiter and he was on a conference call and said I could listen to the conference call tonight. I then decided to update myself on this company and I am shocked at all these allegation! I am now caught between canceling this company or waiting to find out if it is really legitimate. Will they deliver the phones in a few more days? Will they produce the documents and contractual agreements and patent verification in the next few days and deliver the phones to their sales representatives or will they fail and fall. Are they scammers or are they just delayed and are they trying to deliver and are acting in good faith in our behalf. I'm glad I didn't sign anyone else up with this company and I won't until I am satisfied that they have vindicated themselves. No one wants to be scammed and I wonder if our country has laws to protect the consumers and sales representatives who in good faith sign up with companies that they think are legitimate. The company promised to deliver phone plan that would be cheaper to me than what I was paying for cable tv, broadband and cell phone service. I thought it was a good deal and I knew that other people would want this because it promised a unique service and had a great compensation plan as well. I am so dissapointed. I don't know if I'll get any of my money back. Don't we have laws against sleezy business practices? Is this company being investigated and have they broken any laws? I am very concerned that they have all my credit card information. I don't feel comfortable about this company any more and unless they come clean quickly, I will cancel my involvement with them and seek legal action against them. I hope I haven't been taken. It looks bad but they had to have some kind of working phone at the trade show that people have seen and they wouldn't have received a reward for new technology if Laptop hadn't seen anything. Right?

  • Dustin Says:

    Buzzirk Mobile's INTERN CEO just resigned. This coming just a couple of weeks before the original CEO resigned.

    It seems the hype is over!!!


    E-Commerce Director / Cell Phone Industry

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Hey Excited

    There's no bigger a fool than an old fool. However I would be surprised if you are actually ever right on anything I mean you just have to look at your track record of sticking with Buzzirk in face of empirical evidence, wow I wonder what other empirical evidence you also refute, evolution, prayer working, the existence of bigfoot, a big sky fairy that can read your thoughts????

  • Faith_Hope Says:

    Sorry I meant to say "quit". The past tense of "to quit" is quit.
    I hate English.

  • Faith_Hope Says:

    Excited. You are funny. There is a difference between FAITH and HOPE. What you have is HOPE.
    Faith is the belief in something that is not seen. LOOK AT THE FACTS! they are all very visible. You are just HOPING that all the facts are wrong, you are HOPING that the service will actually come out, you are HOPING to be a hero and the ONLY one that stuck it out when everyone else quieted. You are just being foolish my friend. Swallow your pride you're calling "faith" and realize it's just foolish Hope...

  • NGSI Says:


    Why don't you try Boost Mobile it's cheaper

  • Hootch Says:


    The Traveler 137 has been available for over 5 weeks now - do a google and see how quickly you can get one. You might also like to compare the prices too.

    A SIM problem then? They can be set up, manufactured and shipped within a week.

    Doesn't leave much else to hang a valid reason on, does it?

  • Excited Says:

    Wisdom and Patience comes with age. I'm curious to know how old any of you are?? My guess is, most of you haven't reached the 40-45 year bracket yet. Am I close??? I probably have shoes in my closet older than most of you!! It's pretty easy to see the age of an individual through how they react to lifes challenges. The simple 'know it all' attitude and name-calling is a sure sign that most of you haven't been around long enough to really 'get' what life is all about.

    Rich - This "Triple Dumbass" will be the last one LMAO, while all of you are eating crow and finding the next blog to post on!!

  • Rich Says:

    wow. just got done listening to your Monday triple dumbass call and the Old ass used car salesman you have as your spokesperson and his ass istant. It is so comical to listen to these calls.

  • 57Vette Says:

    I'm in it for the ride, so they missed on some dates, the plan makes peoples eye open up when I tell them about it, its what we want freedom form the contract and our phone service charging us for every little thing we do. OK so the phone is not out yet and you want to hang the guy, are you going to shut down Chevrolet next for putting the Z/28 on the shelf?

  • Not too Excited Says:

    Excited says: "Faith is stronger than it ever was!!!!"

    Faith was my wife and when she passed gas, the odor was stronger than it ever was!!!!

    So I divorced her!

    Get the message? I had to put it into a language only you could understand under these circumstances. By promoting this business opportunity as you are makes you just as much a crook as the people who are operating this fraud. Who knows, you are probably one of them.

  • NGSI Says:

    Yeah excited a real challenge producing a working phone now you cretin

  • Rich Says:

    Excited, @ least you are enthusiastic in your stupidity! LMAO. I want a useless, difficult challenge while I build my mlm business....I want it to be like, ice skating uphill. LMAO, Excited you are the epitome of a triple DUMBASS!

  • Excited Says:

    Actually, I'm more excited now than I ever was!!! I love a challenge and can't wait to prove you all wrong.

    That's right around the corner.

    Faith is stronger than it ever was!!!!

  • Gary F Says:

    I agree, too many people have been mislead for too long on this total issue. Obviously, this whole mess is falling apart before our eyes. I used to be an e-associate, but saw the writing on the wall. Get out and save yourself any more headaches - I wished it were true too, but my gut told me, as well as my intuition and research, that this house of cards was about to fall. Save your pain, anguish and money....get out.

  • Rich Says:

    Petchel and crew have been @ this phone SCAM for a few years now! Just research bizzbuzz and e-verge and buzzirk with amped mobile. This HAD to evolve, hence Zero1. Look @ the fact these 2 companies had a connection before the April 2009, dating back to 2008, but they told everyone that they met AFTER ctia. Look @ UTGI/companies websites...THEY ARE SO CHEAP!!!No address, customer service, building, try to call Zero1...they dont even have 1 engineer. This is why they also have NO SERVICE. Zero 1 is a PHANTOM company with a PHANTOM product that was needed by global verge, for the 30-40,000 people to sign up. It was going to crumble sooner or later. Your next sign this is done is when Aug 10, comes and goes and all you get from GV is more stories.

  • Paul Says:

    When the merchant accounts got frozen and Global Verge wanted people to do ach from checking accounts, that should have been the biggest red flag. ICC is the best program out there for only $12.99 a month to market products and plans from all the major carriers with NO Credit Check and NO Contract. http://cheapfonebiz.com is a no brainer.

  • Paul Says:

    It is a shame that a lot of good people are getting hurt here. It is best to cut the losses before too much more money is wasted.

  • Matt Warner Says:


    Zer01 could have avoided this by simply:

    Giving Laptop Magazine an actual working phone to try.

    Produce the actual patent applications that they say their technology is based.

    Explain why the ATT coverage map is being used and yet ATT denies a relationship.

    Explain the allegation that phone manufacutures have denied any orders for the quanity of phones that Zer01 has indicated they ordered.

    Those are the core issues, people just wanted verifcation that the award was well placed. According to Laptop they sent an email warning about the impending retraction and did not receive a reply. What were they to do?

    Now if the Associates of Buzzirk care to answer this that is GREAT! The one caveat

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    What part of Zero 1 did not deliver a working phone do you think is fault of the distributor? But then you claimed to of seen a phone working when it was made clear that no one had. Boy you're clutching at straws now.

  • ajstallings Says:

    Come on laptop!!! How can you take an award from a company based on a distributor of theirs that had questionable management? Do you think that maybe it is Globalverge, the distributor, who is not able to follow through on getting this to market? Also, I am sure that Zer01 has certain privacy issues in the carrier contracts that do not allow public disclosure of any kind from the carriers or Zer01. I saw the phone work at the CTIA show and this article is ad in nature. It just goes to show that the little cannot get a fair shake and everyone buckles to pressure form outside sources.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    I would like to think that you actually ” tried ” the notebook the next time you gave it an award. It’s all very well you telling us you only recommend we buy it but that clearly has to be based on the product existing to begin with.

    Just saying like.

  • admin Says:

    I just want to clarify that our award was given to highlight the potential of the service (if it had been delivered as promised) for consumers. As we heard the feedback from our readers and the service was NOT delivered to consumers as promised, we withdrew the award.

    However, it’s important to note that we never endorsed or evaluated Zer01 as a business opportunity as we just don’t do that. We are LAPTOP Magazine, not marketing magazine or business opportunity magazine.

    Even when we give our highest awards to, for example, a notebook computer, we are recommending that readers buy the product, not work for the company that makes it.

  • Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    How's that faith working out for you now?

  • Rich Says:

    Excited, How excited are you now??? LMAO! Everyone lets grt Clark Howard to also re do his piece and finally end this scam!!!


  • Matt Warner Says:

    I guess that answers my questions Todd. Very sad for all.

  • Excited Says:

    Have a little more patience. Ya know, the reality is, they could have not Pre-Launched at all and just waited until everything was perfect to satisfy all of you who apparently have no optimism in your life.

    They didn't do that. See there are pioneers (US), then there's settlers (YOU ALL).

    Man I would hate to see how you react when any hurdle comes at you in basic life 101.

    Spoken like a trouper - NGSI. You have no beliefs, no Faith, that pretty much says it all.

  • Matt Warner Says:

    This is to Todd Haselton

    Last week you indicated that you were going to have an update. Status?

    Did you receive a phone to try? Have you been contacted about an impending delivery?

    Did you find out anymore about the patent apps?

    Do you have any answers for why the ATT coverage map is being used and yet ATT denies a relationship?

    It has been reported that the phone manufacutures have denied any orders for the quanity of phones that Zer01 has indicated they ordered. Do you have any follow up on this?

    Now if the Associates of Buzzirk care to answer this that is GREAT! The one caveat is please do not just offer opinion or statements that the management said all is there and fine. You will be doing yourself and your opportunity a GREAT service if you provide evidence. Evidence is something that can be substantiated by a third party, not someones opinion or restatement of what they were told.


    Now there are a number of additional questions still pending but

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