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Yahoo's Mobile App Gets Update With Summly News

Just a month after its acquisition of mobile newsreader app Summly, Yahoo's developers have incorporated the software's core technologies into its own app. Fans of Summly will now find the app's news summaries included in Yahoo's new mobile app which was released on Monday.

Yahoo had promised at the time of the acquisition that Summly's key features would be rolled into the search company's other mobile properties and the iPhone app is the first step. "This is just the beginning of the new, more mobile Yahoo, so stay tuned for more," CEO Marissa Mayer writes in a blog post on the move. 

Users can select news topics they are interested in following, and the Summly technology automatically generates summaries of news on those topics. These preferences are saved by Yahoo, which are then shared across other devices and the desktop site. Yahoo's new app also includes enhancements to image and video searching.

Mayer has made a concentrated effort to bolster Yahoo's mobile chops since taking over as CEO last July. The company acquired several mobile apps including recommendations app Stamped and a video-chat application called OnTheAir over the past few months, and is now working to improve its own mobile apps.

Mayer's reasoning for this strategy is pretty simple: she believes that what web surfers look for and do online match well with Yahoo's business. "I'm confident that the improvements we're making to our products will set up the company for long-term growth," she said.