What Is Medium? Twitter Co-Founders New Site Explained

Twitter cofounders Biz Stone and Evan Williams are behind two new sites: Branch, a Web-based discussion site, and Medium, a publishing platform. Although Medium hasn't been released to the public yet, Stone and Williams' company Obvious Corp. previewed the site on Tuesday.

Basically, Medium is a Web-based storyteller. Similar to Storify, users can compile text, photos, videos and other content into one collection that the public can view and edit.

Say, for example, you recently returned from a European backpacking trip and want to share your experiences with your friends who also went on the trip. You can add your thoughts, as well as photos and videos you may have taken, to a page on Medium, and friends can add their memorabilia from the trip to the page too. Content with the highest ratings are listed at the top of the site, instead of the most recent post.

Medium was designed to be easy, and aimed at the audience who wants to post content online without creating their own separate blog.

Right now, only family and friends of Obvious Corp. can post to Medium, although Williams said that list will expand soon. But anyone with a Twitter handle can read and provide feedback.

LAPTOP Assistant Editor
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