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Your Next Wearable Might Be Charged By Body Heat

Your body may someday become the ultimate charger for wearable devices, thanks to new technique developed in Korea. Members of the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have devised a way to turn body heat into electricity, which would have a huge impact on how products like smartwatches are charged. 

According to Phone Arena, this new method uses an ultra-thin thermoelectric power generator to draw energy from your skin. This generator is printed on transparent and flexible material, making it ideal for elastic fitness watches as well as all-purpose smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear. 

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According to KAIST, this generator has 10 times the energy output of similarly-built devices. The institute claims that this new tech could also make its way to vehicles such as cars and airplanes, which would use wasted thermal energy for extra power.  

 The relationship between wearables and our bodies is growing steadily, as today's fitness trackers can measure our heartbeat, movement and even our sleep in some cases. A wearable that uses our body heat to charge would extend this bond even further, and could prove especially useful in the midst of a strenuous workout session. 

via Phone Arena/Engadget