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WarpiaTV Lets You Stream HD Content from PC to TV via Wireless Controller

LAS VEGAS -- Warpia's got a new solution this CES for those looking to sync up their PC and TV. The WarpiaTV lets you stream HD content from your hard drive and the Internet to your big screen using a Wireless Motion Controller (complete with seven controls for volume, mute and more).

WarpiaTV sports a grid-style interface that users can customize with their favorite applications, sites and media sources. The Wireless Motion Controller acts just like a standard TV remote, so you can point directly at your TV instead of your PC. Warpia says you'll get a range of up to 30 feet.

A wired version of the WarpiaTV (including the Wireless Motion Controller, WarpiaTV Browser, and a 6-foot HDMI cable) goes for $79.99, while the wireless version goes for $199.