Vuzix Waveguide Technology Puts Smart Lenses in Standard Frames

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Wearable eye gadgets like Google Glass are being embraced by more users at trade shows and even on the street, but what if you want something that feels like a normal pair of glasses? That's a question Vuzix is looking to answer with the Waveguide, a new stand-alone smart lens technology that has the potential to fit within your existing glasses frames.

According to a press release, the Waveguide was originally designed for United States Special Forces and is now being optimized for consumer use.  The technology is co-developed by smartphone giant Nokia and will make its debut with the business-minded M2000AR monocle. 

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Available now, the M2000AR features a 720p display, 1080p camera, 30-degree field of view, and integrated heat tracking and compass functionality. The lens supports up to 256 different tint levels via  its host USB interface and up to 6 with the included hand controller. According to Vuzix, M2000AR users will be able to view augmented reality content on the lens' HDMI screen and record and playback work procedures using the device's camera. 

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The Waveguide lens that powers the rugged M2000AR uses a thin 1.4 millimeter window that displays holographic images for users. Vuzix claims that the Waveguide's light and simple design will revolutionize the way smart lenses are used, so we'll be sure to provide our own eyes-on impressions during CES 2014. 

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